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How to destress during pregnancy. Pregnancy is an exciting time. Your body is changing, growing, and adjusting. You’re getting ready to go through one of life’s most transformational experiences: becoming a mother. You’re learning how to do something you’ve never done before. It is an exciting time,  but all these other factors can also mean it can sometimes be scary or stressful. A rapidly changing body, managing new symptoms like cravings or fatigue, wrapping your mind around becoming a parent and giving birth can be a lot. Thankfully there are lots of safe ways to handle stress and ‘destress’ during pregnancy, many of which are also helpful or applicable to when you give birth.

Safe ways to destress during pregnancy  

destress during pregnancy with yogaPilates  

Gentle movement is one of the best ways to release stress and tension stored in the body and mind during pregnancy. And there are plenty of safe ways to practice gentle movement during your pregnancy, such as pilates. According to WebMd, prenatal pilates exercises can help engage your core muscles, such as Kegel and abdominals. Per WebMd, pilates can also help with flexibility, balance, stress relief, and posture improvement. 

Motherhood Center offers Prenatal Fitness and Pilates Classes that engage your core muscles, hips, spine, and pelvic floor. Developing this muscle strength can also help in recovery postpartum after giving birth. Learn more about our class schedule and pricing here


Yoga is another beautiful avenue of movement for calming, mindfulness, and movement during pregnancy. It can help not only relieve stress but also helps with decreasing nausea and helps to prepare your muscles to be flexible and robust for giving birth. You should not participate in certain types of yoga while pregnant, such as hot yoga. Additionally, you want to take a class specifically designed for a pregnant body’s needs and limitations. 

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Motherhood Center has yoga instructors trained in prenatal yoga techniques to help both students who are just beginning with prenatal yoga and those with prior experience. Learn more about Motherhood Center’s prenatal yoga classes and packages, which are suitable for all experience levels, and designed to accommodate various needs and budgets.  


Having a group of like-minded individuals in your life who may be going through similar seasons or struggles can also be a huge mood booster and a great way to relieve stress. According to The National Library of Medicine, “social support can decrease the risk of depression during pregnancy.”  The Reproductive Health Journal also stated, “Pregnancy is a time for women in which the need for social support is crucial.”  The journal also stated that ‘social support’ could improve emotional and physical well-being and reduce stressors for pregnant women.  

Knowing what to expect as a new parent can help bring peace of mind and ease any worries or stress about caring for a new baby. The New Mother School and Mama Circle were designed with this in mind. A welcoming, safe, and judgment-free zone alongside education from guest experts is brought together to empower new mothers and help provide friendship, support, and guidance on your parenting journey. You can learn more about the New Mother School and classes here


A prenatal massage may be one of the most relaxing and easiest ways to destress during pregnancy. There are so many benefits to getting a massage besides relaxing the mind and body. According to the American Pregnancy Association, prenatal massages can help with reducing anxiety, relieving pain in muscles, and even help to improve labor outcomes. They also advise consulting your prenatal health care provider if you want to incorporate prenatal massages as part of your ‘routine’ care.  

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Motherhood Center offers several types of massages through licensed prenatal massage therapists to help lower back pain and swelling and eliminate toxins that can build up during pregnancy. In addition to prenatal massage, Motherhood Center also offers postnatal massage, Swedish and deep tissue massage, induction, and labor preparation massage. Learn about all the different massage services and offerings and book through the online portal here.  

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