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Unleash Your Inner Strength with Prenatal Fitness & Pilates

Welcome to the dynamic world of prenatal fitness and Pilates at the Motherhood Center. Our classes are designed to engage your core muscles, enhance strength, and promote quicker post-pregnancy recovery while nurturing your growing baby.

Prenatal Fitness & Pilates: Your Path to Robust Motherhood

As an expecting mother, you embark on one of life’s most beautiful journeys. Your body must be well-prepared to meet the demands of pregnancy and childbirth. Our Prenatal Fitness & Pilates classes provide a safe and effective way to build strength, stability, and resilience during this transformative phase.

Benefits of Prenatal Fitness & Pilates

Our carefully curated exercises focus on your deepest core muscles, pelvic floor, hips, and spine.
The manifold benefits of Prenatal Fitness & Pilates include:


Developing Core Strength

Our classes help engage your core muscles, leading to improved balance and stability.

Promoting Pelvic Health

By targeting the pelvic floor muscles, our exercises contribute to a smoother delivery and faster post-pregnancy recovery.

Boosting Muscle Memory

Regular practice helps develop muscle memory, contributing to quicker body recovery after childbirth.

Pricing Options

Yoga, Fitness & Pilates Packages

Our yoga, fitness and Pilates classes are suitable for all levels.
We offer different package options to accommodate all needs and budgets.
Class sizes are limited – we encourage you to register online, however, walk-ins are welcomed as well.

Class Pass - Available for First-Time Guests (package expires 10 days after first redemption)

$ 45.00 for 10 Consecutive Days Unlimited Yoga & Fitness Classes

Per Class

$ 24.00 per Class

5 Class Pass ($ 15.00 Savings) - 6 month expiration

$ 105.00 for 5 Classes

10 Class Pass ($ 45.00 Savings) - 6 month expiration

$ 195.00 for 10 Classes

Private Yoga & Fitness Classes

Private Yoga & Fitness classes are one on one sessions that will assist you in growing to the next level. Our experts will watch your form and correct you as you go. Group private sessions can also be set up. Give us a call to set up a private session.

Engage & Energize with our Prenatal Fitness & Pilates Sessions

Every class incorporates a variety of equipment, such as light weights, large balls for seated poses, stretch bands, and slight weight balls to keep the sessions challenging and engaging. Our instructors are skilled at tailoring each exercise to match your comfort level and stage of pregnancy.

Please note:

  • We now offer Monday evening, Wednesday morning, and Saturday morning classes.
  • No shoes or sneakers are required.

*** Bring your yoga mat or rental yoga mats and
new assorted yoga mats for purchase are available in our Boutique.

Step into a Healthier Pregnancy with Prenatal Fitness & Pilates

Join us on this journey to stronger motherhood. Our Prenatal Fitness & Pilates classes are more than just workouts — they’re a community of mothers-to-be sharing the joys and challenges of pregnancy while strengthening their bodies and minds for the journey ahead.

Are you ready to embrace your strongest self during pregnancy? Book a class today and let the Motherhood Center guide you towards a healthier and fitter pregnancy journey.

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