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Many women wonder about pregnancy yoga classes and whether the extra effort is truly beneficial to their babies and themselves. Also, is it possible to have detrimental effects? In this blog post, we disclose some of the top benefits of yoga during this time of pregnancy:

1.    Increased Balance

Through participating in regular yoga classes while pregnant, you can counteract the feelings of balance and general control loss over your body. As your body shape and weight change temporarily, one can feel wobbly and out of balance. Yoga consists of balancing positions…all of which help pregnant women to get more comfortable as their center of gravity shifts. The downward dog pose, for instance, helps strengthen muscles needed to balance the growing belly.

2.    Relief from Pains and Aches of Pregnancy

Pregnancy yoga can also help to relieve many of the pains and aches associated with pregnancy. Pregnant women will often complain of back pain that worsens as the baby’s size and weight on her uterus increases. Prenatal yoga will strengthen the muscles of the mother-to-be, help to support the baby’s weight, and take off pressure from her lower back. Furthermore, yoga can be great to help treat sciatic nerve irritation in pregnancy.

3.    Breathing Exercise

Yoga can also be an excellent way to practice your prenatal breathing skills. These will be extremely helpful both during pregnancy and birth. It helps you focus, become calm, and maximize flow of oxygen to parts of the body where it is needed. Control over breathing rate and depth can be invaluable during pain management for birth and labor.

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From the above highlighted points about pregnancy yoga, it is clear that engaging in regular classes for this spiritual art can be worthwhile and very beneficial.  For more information, call Motherhood Center about their pregnancy yoga classes and childbirth classes.

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