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Your Trusted Nanny Agency in Houston

Connecting Houston Families with Expert Nannies
and Comprehensive Support Since 2000

Houston's Premier "Mommy Country Club"

Many of our clients have dubbed us the “Mommy Country Club,” and once you visit our 5,000-square-foot facility, you will understand why. The Motherhood Center is a complete wellness resource for families with infants and young children and expectant moms. The Motherhood Center has been offering prenatal and parenting education classes, yoga and fitness classes, massage services, baby doula services, and help to find childcare for more than 20 years.

Childcare Services

Doula handing baby to mother

Baby Doula Services

Experienced professionals who provide newborn support.

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Newborn Care Specialist holding baby

Newborn Care Specialist

From daytime to overnight care we're always ready to assist with newborns

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Sleeping baby

Night Nanny

Like newborn specialists but only during the nighttime hours

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Pregnancy & Motherhood Support

woman receiving massage

Massage Spa Services

Licensed Prenatal & Postnatal Massage Therapists

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Women in pilates class

Yoga & Fitness Classes

Houston's only full-time prenatal yoga, fitness, and Pilates studio

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Maternity Consultation in Houston

Maternity Consultation

With Houston’s most recognized pregnancy expert

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Mother nursing baby

Lactation Consultants

Over 20 years experience! Helping hundreds of mothers in Houston

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Mother with newborn care specialist

Mom & Baby Check-In

Postpartum care and support for mothers & babies

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Breast Pump Rentals

Medela Breast Pump & BabyWeigh II Scale Rentals

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Mama Circle

Postpartum Support Group in Houston

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Educational Classes & Resources

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Pregnancy Classes

From Pregnancy 101 to Newborn Care, we're here to help

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Parents holding newborn

Parenting Classes

Educational support and resources for the whole family

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Mother holding smiling baby

Private VIP Classes

Private VIP classes customized to your personal schedule

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Jobs / Recruitment

We know that hiring top talent keeps us the
leader in the industry, and we look forward
to bringing new talents on board to fill our
current open positions. We look forward to
hearing from you soon.

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What Clients Are Saying


Childbirth Class

Thank you. Excellent instructor. Very knowledgeable and patient with all of our questions.


Newborn Care Class

This class was just what my husband and I needed! Amanda was fantastic, personable, and knowledgeable. She fielded every question and boy did we have a lot!


Prepared Childbirth

Wonderful teacher, very informative class. 10/10 would highly recommend.


Prepared Childbirth

My husband and I both felt that this class was extremely helpful in preparing us for the upcoming birth of our daughter. We both feel so much more informed, in control, and empowered for her birth whereas before the class, we had no idea what to expect when the big day comes! This class is essential for all first-time parents!

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