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Pregnancy & Parenting Center in Houston

The Motherhood Center is nestled inside the loop and is located in the sophisticated and established River Oaks community of Houston, Texas. We’ve been dubbed the “Mommy Country Club” by many of our clients, and once you walk into our 7,000-square-foot center you will see why. We have everything a pregnant and new mom needs – it is a haven for Houston’s finest and trendiest expectant and new moms. The center has a yoga studio, massage spa, in-store boutique, educational space for pregnancy, parenting, and children’s classes, and placement services for clients that rely on our in-home providers for baby doulas (night nannies), lactation consultants, sleep coaches, babysitters, and nannies.

Gabriela Gerhart and Gary Gerhart started the Motherhood Center to provide classes and services from Pregnancy to Parenting. Over 15 years later they continue to expand their list of services to heighten the value and fulfill a need for Soon-to-be Moms, Dads, and Grandparents!

Our Story

Our story begins by helping a family in need. Our founder, Gabriela Gerhart, was approached by a new mom to help her as she recovered from the birth of her baby and to assist with taking care of a newborn. The family knew of Gabriela’s education in pediatric nursing and experience in newborn care, specifically with preemies, and they needed her help. After a few months had passed her role as a Baby Doula (Night Nanny) was coming to an end, but before Gabriela could decide what she was going to do next she received a call from another family that needed help with their newborn. The calls continued, and after countless referrals, for her services, she was unable to fulfill all the requests by herself. She quickly realized she needed to hire and train additional Baby Doulas to support the growing demand. That’s how we became the Motherhood Center.

The Motherhood Center steadily grew organically as we continued to add new services to support the needs of pregnant and new moms. We were determined to build our village through valued services and collaborative connections for our clients as they transitioned into parenthood. What started out as one service quickly elevated into 11 departments making the Motherhood Center the only maternity and new mom wellness center in the United States under one roof. That’s how we got our start and became Houston’s most trusted pregnancy and new mom wellness and resource center. We are thankful for where we are today, and we know the reasons for our continued success are based on our philosophy, approach, passion, and people.

What We Believe In


Our Passion: To Provide Classes and Services that Empower Every Mom

We believe with a balanced blend of health, wellness, educational classes and family support we empower every Mom. Our first few years focused on newborn care services, but as the center began to grow we focused on creating classes from pregnancy to parenting. What we found was that our clients were able to explore motherhood through pregnancy, newborn care and toddler care to become confident in what to expect in pregnancy and parenting.

We also realized that through exercise and wellness our clients were able to enjoy her own “Mommy Time”. We did this by offering Massage and Spa services to help her regain her inner beauty before she goes back out in the battle field, and Yoga and Meditation classes to actively release and reset her mental and physical state.

But what else does Mom need? A reliable care taker for her newborn, toddler and school aged child. Therefore, we branched out to provide nanny and babysitting services. This gave both our at home and career focused moms the support they need with a company they trusted to help care for their children while they are at work, running errands or out on a date night.


Our People: Lead with Compassion & Respect

Our staff, regardless if they are a part of our business office or if they work directly with our clients, they must all contain a natural skill set of compassion and respect. This is a core tenant at the Motherhood Center and a skill set that cannot be taught. This is the fabric and general building block to what we project to our clients – a center that supports, nurtures and educates women, and one that can only be achieved if our staff radiates compassion and respect.

Because our clients are often in a new stage in their lives, our team leads with compassion and respect when we listen, share our knowledge and support each other so we can strengthen our communication in pregnancy and parenting awareness to our clients. Our staff is an amazing group of individuals that together make a wonderful team. They are experts in their field and passionate about what they do. We always look for these qualities when we consider a new member to join our team.


Our Approach: Support Every Mom’s Choice Through Information and Education

The Motherhood Center prides itself on providing exceptional pregnancy and parenting services, education, products and support. Because we believe in providing every mom with a nurturing, non-judgmental environment our clients can freely choose their childbirth and newborn care decisions. We offer various childbirth classes, breastfeeding classes, lactation support, and parenting classes in newborn care, potty training and sleep coaching.

Our approach is about information and education. From there all Moms can choose what is right for them and their family.

"Our staff must all contain a natural skill set of compassion and respect. This is a core tenant at the Motherhood Center and a skill set that cannot be taught. This is the fabric and general building block to what we project to our clients – a center that supports, nurtures and educates women."

Gabriela GerhartMotherhood Center Founder

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