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Unlock the Power of Acupressure Points for a Smooth Transition into Labor with Induction Massage

The Motherhood Center supports your body’s natural processes throughout pregnancy and beyond. Our Induction Massage is a luxurious spa treatment explicitly designed for mothers-to-be who have reached 39 weeks of pregnancy.

Why Choose Induction Massage?

Our expert therapists target key acupressure points in the back, legs, feet, and hands to:


Encourage deep relaxation

Our Induction Massage helps mothers-to-be achieve a state of profound calmness, easing tension and stress, which can contribute to a smoother labor experience.

Stimulate natural labor processes

Our skilled therapists help activate your body's innate labor initiation mechanisms by targeting specific acupressure points, promoting a natural onset of labor without medical intervention.

Support your body's transition into labor

Our Induction Massage not only prepares your body for labor but also nurtures and supports you during this critical time, fostering a sense of confidence and empowerment as you progress into motherhood.

60 Minute Session

$ 140

Per Session

Prepare your body and mind for the beautiful journey of motherhood with our 60-minute induction massage, thoughtfully designed to promote relaxation and support the natural processes of childbirth.

90 Minute SessionMost Popular

$ 195

Per Session

Nurture your body and prepare for the joyous arrival of your little one with our 90-minute induction massage, tailored to provide deep relaxation and gentle support during the final stages of pregnancy.

*** Must be at least 39 weeks to book. ***

Massage Packages

Treat yourself or gift your loved ones with a Massage Package to ensure that you get your relaxation in.
No Exchanges, Substitutions, or Refunds.

Four 60 Minute Massages ($60 Savings)


Four 90 Minute Massages ($80 Savings)


Four 60 Minute Deep Tissue Massages ($65 Savings)


Four 90 Minute Deep Tissue Massages ($90 Savings)


Four 70 Minute Hot Stone Massages ($65 Savings)


Four 90 Minute Hot Stone Massages ($90 Savings)


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