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Packages & Gifts for Pregnancy and Motherhood

Are you looking for a practical baby shower gift or present for your expecting friend or new mommy?

We offer carefully selected baby and mommy gift ideas in our boutique, as well as services and classes catering to the needs of expecting and new parents.
From swaddling blankets and baby toys to delicious-smelling lotions and candles, pregnancy belly support belts, and nursing supplies.

Looking for the best push present?
Baby nurse or Newborn Care Specialist can be just what you were looking for!
Gifts every mom wants and needs.

Are you looking for a date night sitter?
Yes, we got you covered as well.

One-stop shop for your family!

At the Motherhood Center Boutique, we’re not just providing products and services; we’re creating a warm and inviting space where you can find the support and care you need during this special time in your life. Our team is dedicated to making your experience as memorable as the journey itself, and we look forward to being a part of your motherhood story. Come and explore our boutique today, and let us help you make this chapter of your life even more beautiful.

Find the perfect package today!

Education Classes & Massage & Yoga & Fitness Packages

Package Name Description Price (Savings)
Joyful Beginnings 10 Yoga & Fitness classes + one 60 min. Massage $ 320.00
(savings $ 60.00)
Glow & Soothe 10 Yoga & Fitness classes + two 60 min. Massages + Prepared Childbirth + Newborn Care (*with Natural Childbirth + $ 100.00) $ 870.00
(savings $ 160.00)
Luxurious Expectations 10 Yoga & Fitness classes + three 60 min. Massages + Prepared Childbirth + Newborn Care + Breastfeeding + 2 nights of Baby Doula + 4 hours of Babysitting (*with Natural Childbirth + $ 100.00) Option to add Maternity Consultation for $ 300.00 $ 1,795.00
(savings $ 420.00)
Education Pass Prepared Childbirth + Newborn Care + Breastfeeding + Family & Friends CPR (*with Natural Childbirth + $ 100.00) $ 730.00
(savings $ 115.00)
Private VIP Education Pass Prepared Childbirth + Newborn Care + Breastfeeding + Family & Friends CPR (*with Natural Childbirth + $ 100.00) $ 1,850.00
(savings $ 300.00)
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Yoga Passes at Motherhood Center

Package Price Expiration
5 Class Pass $ 105.00 Exp. 6 months
10 Class Pass $ 195.00 Exp. 6 months
10 Consecutive Days (Please call to purchase) $ 45.00 First-Time Clients Only
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Massage Packages at Motherhood Center

Sessions Duration Pass Type Price Savings
Four 60 min. Relax Pass $ 500.00 (savings $ 60.00)
Four 90 min. Relax Pass $ 700.00 (savings $ 80.00)
Four 60 min. Deep Tissue Pass $ 575.00 (savings $ 65.00)
Four 90 min. Deep Tissue Pass $ 790.00 (savings $ 90.00)
Four 70 min. Hot Stone Pass $ 635.00 (savings $ 65.00)
Four 90 min. Hot Stone Pass $ 790.00 (savings $ 90.00)
Four 60 min. In-Home Massage Pass $ 725.00 (savings $ 75.00)
Four 90 min. In-Home Massage Pass $ 885.00 (savings $ 135.00)
Six 60 min. In-Home Massage Pass $ 1,050.00 (savings $ 150.00)
Six 90 min. In-Home Massage Pass $ 1,275.00 (savings $ 255.00)
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Also Available at Our Retail Store

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Make the best of every gift opportunity

Give the new mom in your life a Motherhood Center Gift Certificate redeemable towards any retail, class or service for herself and baby.

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Breast Pump & Weigh Scale Rental

We rent hospital grade breast pumps for those moms that are going back to work or supplement their baby. We even offer weigh scales to ensure your newborn is getting enough nourishment while you are breastfeeding. Want to weigh your baby? Stop by the center and weigh your baby during your visit.


Nursing Bras & Supplies

We have nursing bras, tanks and other breastfeeding essentials for everyday comfort. So whether you are looking for Medela accessories or bras designed for your breast pump we can help – call or stop by our boutique. Not sure what nursing bra to get? We have onsite experts to help you select the perfect nursing bra – please call us to make an appointment.

Infant & Toddler Gifts

Our in-store Gifts & Packages is supplied with products that are “Motherhood Center Approved” for Mom and Baby. Whether its to help with teething, cold remedies, or teaching your child to explore with textures – we have the best gifts around Houston for your infant and toddler hand selected by Gabriela Gerhart.

Take a look around our retail space

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