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Why Choose Motherhood Center as
Your Nanny Agency?

Choosing a nanny agency to represent you can help open many doors for your career. Still, many questions arise before deciding if utilizing an agency is the best choice for you.

We would love to take this opportunity to provide some answers on how we at Motherhood Center can best help you navigate the nanny field and find beautiful options for you and your career!

Frequently Asked Questions

What support does Motherhood Center offer for career success?

Our placement specialists act as your personal GPS, guiding you toward the positions and families that we feel will be the best match for you. We take all of your requirements into consideration – such as the age group you prefer to work with, your location, your preferred hours, and your desired pay rate – and match you with families who meet your criteria. We diligently work behind the scenes to ensure that every potential match we present could be your dream job – because finding that for you is our ultimate goal!

Working with our agency means you don’t have to sift through job websites, make cold calls, or even determine what a position is asking for. We create a comprehensive summary for every family we work with that includes the necessary details for each position so you can view the specifics for each family before meeting with them. Once we present you with a family you like, we will help facilitate introductions and coordinate the meetings between you and your potential new employer. When a family makes you an offer, we will still be by your side and assist with the contract negotiations. We will also check in with you after your placement is complete to ensure everything is going smoothly and that you are thriving with your new family.

Have any questions along the way? We are always here for you and readily available to assist!

Does the Motherhood Center advocate for me?

Yes! We advocate for all of our caregivers and are here for you throughout the process. This includes assistance navigating the many stages of signing on with a family, such as interview training and preparation, coordinating meetings between you and the family, ensuring you receive the pay rate you deserve and negotiating your contract.

We know contract and pay negotiations can be uncomfortable for many nannies, which is why we offer assistance. We review all contracts and answer any questions you may have before presenting your feedback to the family. If we feel something needs adjusting, we will speak with you and the family to make sure everything is satisfactory for both parties. You must understand and be comfortable with the contract while getting the best offer possible.

What potential families could I be matched with?

Motherhood Center has a variety of loving families who trust us to find caregivers, and we are happy to help them find the best professional career nannies.

Motherhood Center represents you as the nanny/family assistant, and we make sure that each family we present best fits the specifications you are looking for. Please find a family you will feel comfortable with and enjoy working with long term, and we speak with all families to ensure they are aware of today’s market and standards.

By working with our agency, we broaden your prospective clientele and ensure you have even more opportunities with families you may otherwise not have been able to connect with.

Can Motherhood Center assist me in ensuring that I understand what I should be getting as a nanny?


There is so much information for nannies, and many caregivers are unaware of the latest laws and trends that should be included in employment. At Motherhood Center, we make sure to stay up to date on all the data – and you’re up to date, too!

Did you know that families should reimburse you for miles you drive while on the job per the IRS? Are you receiving overtime rates for any hours over 40 hours per week that you work? All of these factors, and more, are areas that we make sure you are informed of and that they are appropriately included in the contract families present to you. We know your work is essential and want to ensure you have been compensated accordingly.

What is the cost of using Motherhood Center as MY nanny agency?

There is no cost!

If you are hesitating to go through an agency to find an excellent family due to your budget, you can rest assured that we provide this service at no charge.

Our nanny agency is here to help you find attractive opportunities, and this is a service we provide as a complimentary, beneficial resource to you.

Why doesn’t every caregiver use a nanny agency if it’s advantageous and free of charge?

Many nannies and family assistants do not yet know the benefits an agency can provide and hesitate because they think they will be charged for our services.

Motherhood Center is a high-end agency that accepts only the most qualified nannies. This means we do have set requirements that must be met for us to onboard you as one of our caregivers.

What are some of these requirements?

  1. You must be 21 years of age or older.
  2. For a nanny, you must have a minimum of 3 years of childcare experience working as a nanny in the home of a nonfamilial employer. Family Assistants need at least two years of childcare experience and two years of administrative/personal/family assistant experience.
  3. You must hold a valid driver’s license and car insurance.
  4. You must be CPR certified. However, if you have an expired CPR certification, you can still apply! We will need you to recertify before completing our onboarding process.
  5. We ask that all of our candidates be as responsive as possible. We communicate primarily via email and phone when necessary.

We are always looking for exceptional caregivers and encourage you and anyone you know who is qualified to apply. Any candidate we place receives a complimentary 60-minute massage at our center.

What do I need to know before working with Motherhood Center and what is expected of me?

Motherhood Center works with professional, reliable nannies and family assistants. Once a caregiver is onboarded by our agency, they become representatives of our company. (It is important to note that you won’t be employed by Motherhood Center, but rather by the family you are placed with, once hired.) Once you become an active candidate, we ask that you be as responsive as possible and give us as much feedback throughout the process so we can best tailor your search.

Apply To Become A Motherhood Center Nanny

You will need a resume listing your childcare experience, including all current and former nanny, daycare, and other related childcare positions. We ask that you please include the months and years you were in each position and the ages of the children you worked with.

Once you submit your application, our Nanny & Family Staffing team will review your experience, and we will then reach out to you if we feel you will be a good fit for our families.

Being a nanny is one of the most wonderful, important, and rewarding careers you can choose, and we want to make sure you can focus on what you do best, while we take care of the rest for you.

We are here for you every step of the way!

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