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Sometimes it feels like babies can come with a lot of stuff. Diapers, wipes, pacifiers, strollers, car seats, bibs, bottles, and onesies, to name a few. But thankfully, some baby things are multi-functional and have more than one purpose or function. One of those items is a swaddle blanket. One of their best purposes is for swaddling babies, but it’s not their only use.

Here are 8 different uses for swaddling blankets below:

  1. A car seat cover. This is perhaps one of the best hacks for a swaddling blanket for new parents. Not only can a swaddle blanket draped gently and loosely over your car seat help to block out the sun, it can also help to prevent unwanted attention from strangers while you’re out and about in public with your baby. 
  2. A nursing cover. If you prefer a little privacy when nursing your baby, swaddling blankets make excellent nursing covers because they are lightweight and breezy. 
  3. A burp cloth. Once you’ve finished nursing, the next step is often burping, which can lead to spit up. Swaddle blankets can help keep you dry and spit-up-free when used as a burp cloth. 
  4. A changing mat. You’ll want to lay down something clean to change your baby on, whether you’re using a public changing table in the restroom, doing a quick diaper change at the park, or in the back of your car. Since you will already have it on hand for any of the previously mentioned uses, swaddling blankets make excellent changing mats. 
  5. A play mat. Once your baby is old enough they’ll want to start rolling around or having ‘tummy time’ to help prepare them for crawling and learning how to use their muscles. Since you don’t know how clean most surfaces are outside of your home, it’s a good idea to lay down a swaddle blanket instead. But don’t leave a baby unattended with a loose swaddle blanket within reach as it could be a potential choking hazard. 
  6. A photo prop. Because swaddle blankets come in so many fun colors and beautiful patterns they make great photo props for newborn photos! Some swaddle blankets can even be used as ‘milestone’ props, where you take a photo of your baby each month against the same backdrop to show how much they’ve grown. 
  7. A sunshade cover for the stroller. Sometimes babies get fussy and restless, and sometimes new mothers get restless too and going for a stroller walk can do wonders in this instance. Swaddle blankets can function as an excellent ‘shade cover’ or offer protection from the sun when you’re pushing your baby in the stroller. 
  8. As a swaddle blanket last but certainly not least, swaddle blankets are also best for their intended use- swaddling babies! Using a swaddle blanket properly can help your baby sleep better throughout the night and prevent them from accidentally scratching their faces or waking themselves up during naptime or bedtime. 
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Ways to help soothe and swaddle your baby 

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, some research suggests swaddling may decrease how often babies spontaneously wake. Additionally, a Pediatric Doctor, Harvey Karp, developed a ‘technique’ to help mothers calm and soothe babies with an easy mnemonic to remember by, the ‘5 S’s’. They stand for ‘swaddle,’ ‘side-stomach position,’ ‘shush,’ ‘swing,’ and ‘suck,’ per Healthline. You can learn more about how to implement Dr.Karp’s techniques here. 

Newborn Care Classes

Learning how to use all these new baby items or swaddle your newborn properly can often feel overwhelming. At Motherhood Center, we want to educate and empower mothers throughout all stages of the parenting journey. The Newborn Care Classes were designed with this goal in mind. Newborn Care Classes can be attended in person or via live stream to accommodate your schedule. Topics covered in the Newborn Care Classes are:  

  • Diapering
  • Bathing
  • Feeding techniques 
  • Swaddling
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Hygiene, umbilical cord, and circumcision care
  • Calming techniques
  • Bedtime routines
  • Understanding your baby’s needs and maintaining a good relationship

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