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During your pregnancy, massage is a great way to keep in tune with your body. Motherhood Center’s licensed prenatal massage therapists can help with swelling, lower back discomforts, as well as eliminating many of the toxins that commonly build up when pregnant. Prenatal massage also helps with body alignment and with loosening and realigning ligaments, and most importantly it provides time to relax and clear your mind throughout your pregnancy. Massages can also be booked for family, friends, and significant others.

Available Massages

Prenatal & Postnatal "New Mommy" Massages

Pregnancy Massage helps the mom-to-be by relieving muscle cramps in addition to increasing blood and lymph circulation, which reduces swelling and fatigue. It can also lower levels of the ‘stress hormone’ cortisol, which facilitates deep relaxation for the mom-to-be.
Duration: 60 Minutes
Cost: $115
Duration: 90 Minutes
Cost: $160
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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage reduces emotional and physical stress, improves mental focus, and encourages more restful sleep. You will leave your session feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
Duration: 60 Minutes
Cost: $115
Duration: 90 Minutes
Cost: $160
Duration: 120 Minutes
Cost: $205
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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage addresses chronic pain and tension in the body with a focus on releasing tight and restricted muscles. Benefits include improved flexibility, pain relief and greater freedom in movement. Deep Tissue massage is not offered to pregnant customers. Please book a prenatal massage if you are expecting.
Duration: 60 Minutes
Cost: $130
Duration: 90 Minutes
Cost: $185
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In-Home Massage or Hospital

Whether you are on bed-rest or simply would rather stay at home, our therapists are available to visit you in the comfort and privacy of your home or in your hospital room. You can expect the same quality treatment that you would receive at The Motherhood Center. Please allow fifteen minutes prior to your massage appointment time for the therapist to set up her table.
Duration: 60 Minutes
Cost: $155
Duration: 90 Minutes
Cost: $200
Duration: 120 Minutes
Cost: $245

Hot Stone Massage

Take your massage experience to a new level with this deeply soothing and rejuvenating hot stone treatment. Deep penetrating heat is effective in releasing muscle tension, headaches and other issues associated with muscular pain and dysfunction, as well as improving overall circulation.
Duration: 70 Minutes
Cost: $150
Duration: 90 Minutes
Cost: $185
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Induction Massage

Induction massages are a great option to help aid in the natural transition into labor. It focuses on acupressure points found in the back, legs, feet, and hands to assist in supporting natural body processes that take place just before labor. By helping you reach deep relaxation while stimulating these points, the body is better able to naturally do what is designed to do. An induction massage is a great option for any mother who has reached 39 weeks of pregnancy.
Duration: 60 Minutes
Cost: $115
Duration: 90 Minutes
Cost: $160
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Massage Packages

Treat yourself or gift your loved ones with a Massage Package to ensure that you get your relaxation in.
No Exchanges, Substitutions or Refunds.

Four 60 Minute Massages ($50 Savings)


Four 90 Minute Massages ($80 Savings)


Four 60 Minute Deep Tissue Massages ($55 Savings)


Four 90 Minute Deep Tissue Massages ($80 Savings)


Four 70 Minute Hot Stone Massages ($60 Savings)


Four 90 Minute Hot Stone Massages ($80 Savings)


Frequently Asked Questions About Induction Massage

What’s An Induction Massage?

It’s no secret that a massage is good for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. When you are pregnant, a massage can help with joint pain, relax your mind, give you renewed energy, alleviate stress, and help you maintain a healthy pregnancy. But what is an induction massage? When should you consider an induction massage, and why would you need one?

Full-Term Pregnancy

We know the days or weeks leading up to labor can be the most uncomfortable and stressful. It’s important to know that the “due date” is actually a “due window” of several weeks, and babies won’t come before they are ready! How long a woman can be pregnant varies, although pregnancy is generally thought to last 40 weeks.
In the past, full-term was used to describe pregnancy that lasted from three weeks before the due date to three weeks after, or 37 to 42 weeks. In late 2012, it was recognized that babies born at different times during that five-week window had varying outcomes and challenges, so the working definition of “full-term” was modified, with an official statement from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). A baby’s lungs, liver, and brain continue to develop during those last weeks of pregnancy, so it’s important to take that into account if you are considering an induction massage.

The new definition of “full-term” actually breaks “term” into various levels.

  • Early-Term: 37 through 38 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy
  • Full-Term: 39 through 40 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy
  • Late-Term: 41 weeks through 41 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy
  • Post-Term: 42 weeks and after

These ‘terms’ are important because a baby born during weeks 39 and 40 tend to do best and have a lower risk of breathing problems, infections, or spending time in the NICU. 


What is an Induction Massage and When Should You Consider One?

You should not consider an induction massage until you have reached the full-term level of your pregnancy. If you’ve reached Full-Term, an induction massage can aid in the natural transition into labor. An induction massage focuses on acupressure points found in the back to the legs, feet, and hands which can do several things.

  • An induction massage can help release your sacrum and pelvic area to create more space for your baby to come down into your pelvis
  • An induction massage will stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to stimulate labor
  • An induction massage decreases stress hormones and increases natural Oxytocin which is the primary hormone responsible for childbirth and bonding
  • An induction massage allows your body to reach a deep relaxing state while stimulating these points so your body can do what it naturally is designed to do

Why Should You Consider an Induction Massage?

An induction massage is a good option for pregnant women who are fearful of acupuncture or who are suffering from stress, anxiety or fatigue. There is no guarantee that an induction massage will induce labor, but because it relaxes you, it can put you back on the labor path and encourage labor.

Before you decide if an induction massage is right for you, it’s important to discuss this with your Doctor or midwife. At Motherhood Center, our massage therapists are trained to give induction massages, and love to help soon to be m
oms reach the point where they are laboring, and the new baby is welcomed into this world. Before you book an induction massage at Motherhood Center, we do require authorization from your Doctor or midwife, and you must be full-term or 39 weeks.

What are the benefits of massage go far beyond relaxation?

Most people willing to spend the time and money on a massage are looking for time and space to relax their body and mind, but massage provides benefits well beyond a few minutes of relaxation.

Massage is a crucial component to a healthy lifestyle. By helping to alleviate stress, lower blood pressure, and working the lymphatic system, the health benefits of massage are just as helpful as the peace and relaxation it provides.

Prenatal massage and a healthy pregnancy

Prenatal massage is chock-full of benefits. Pregnancy is an amazing experience but it can also lead to a multitude of new stressors. Aside from taking the time and space to slow down and reset, massage can also help maintain a healthy pregnancy. By getting regular massages you help lower high-stress levels, restore blood flow to areas stifled by your ever-changing body, and assist your body and mind in finding balance.

Induction massage aides the natural transition into labor

We offer a wide variety of massages here at The Motherhood Center. One of my favorites is the induction massage. I am always honored that my clients have allowed me to be a part of this special stage in their pregnancy. As you reach the last few weeks of your pregnancy so much is happening physically, mentally, and emotionally. Regular massages are especially helpful during this time. When you reach your due date, we offer an induction massage to help the body naturally transition into the beginning of the birth of your baby.

In an induction massage we still pay attention to the areas that are problematic for you, but the focus of this type of massage is acupressure points. The stimulation of acupressure points during your induction massage can assist in supporting natural body processes that are underway during the final stages of pregnancy. These points can be found throughout the body from the back to the legs, feet, and hands. By helping you reach deep relaxation while stimulating these points, the body is better able to naturally do what is designed to do.

One of the best experiences I have had as a massage therapist was helping one of my clients who came in, incredibly stressed out. Her doctor wanted to induce labor in two days. During the massage, she was able to relax as I talked to her about the acupressure points I was working. At the very end of the massage, her water broke! With help of Laura, a member of the Motherhood Center team, we called her husband, and helped her get ready to go to the hospital. She delivered a beautiful baby the next morning. While this is not a typical result of an induction massage, I was glad to be there for my client.

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