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Celebrate the Joy of Motherhood with Mom & Baby Yoga

Motherhood Center welcomes you and your little one to our unique Mom & Baby Yoga classes. Here’s an opportunity to regain your strength, improve flexibility, deepen your bond with your baby, and connect with other mothers navigating the same beautiful journey.

Mom & Baby Yoga: Nurturing Bonds, Building Strength

The journey of motherhood continues well beyond childbirth. As your body recovers and adapts, our Mom & Baby Yoga and Fitness class offers a supportive environment where you can focus on restoring your physical wellness, all while bonding with your baby.

Benefits of Mom & Baby Yoga

Our classes are designed with both mother and baby in mind.
The benefits of our Mom & Baby Yoga classes include the following:


Restoring Physical Strength

Our yoga poses and fitness exercises are aimed at helping you regain physical strength and flexibility post-pregnancy.

Fostering Parent-Child Bond

Our sessions offer ample opportunities to bond with your baby, creating a nurturing environment for both of you.

Building a Supportive Community

Meet, share experiences, and build connections with other new mothers, forming a community of support and friendship.

Pricing Options

Yoga, Fitness & Pilates Packages

Our yoga, fitness and Pilates classes are suitable for all levels.
We offer different package options to accommodate all needs and budgets.
Class sizes are limited – we encourage you to register online, however, walk-ins are welcomed as well.

Class Pass - Available for First-Time Guests (package expires 10 days after first redemption)

$ 45.00 for 10 Consecutive Days Unlimited Yoga & Fitness Classes

Per Class

$ 24.00 per Class

5 Class Pass ($ 15.00 Savings) - 6 month expiration

$ 105.00 for 5 Classes

10 Class Pass ($ 45.00 Savings) - 6 month expiration

$ 195.00 for 10 Classes

Private Yoga & Fitness Classes

Private Yoga & Fitness classes are one on one sessions that will assist you in growing to the next level. Our experts will watch your form and correct you as you go. Group private sessions can also be set up. Give us a call to set up a private session.

Experience our Mom & Baby Yoga Sessions

We embrace the spontaneity and uniqueness of babies, and we encourage them to express themselves during class without behavioral expectations. Moms can take breaks to feed or nurture their babies as needed.

Our classes incorporate gentle baby yoga and massage, ending each session with a touch of relaxation and bonding time. We encourage you to bring a blanket and your baby’s favorite toys to make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Our classes are suitable for babies from 0 up to 10 months old.

*** Please bring a blanket and baby toys.
*** Bring your yoga mat or rental yoga mats and
new assorted yoga mats for purchase are available in our Boutique.

Begin Your Mom & Baby Yoga Journey Today

Embark on a fitness, bonding, and camaraderie journey with our Mom & Baby Yoga classes. Whether you want to regain your strength, bond with your baby, or connect with other moms, we have a place for you.

Ready to start your Mom & Baby Yoga journey? Book a class today and join our nurturing community at the Motherhood Center.

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