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Experience the natural way to prepare for labor and delivery

A specialized massage starts at 38 weeks to help speed up dilation, move the baby down into the pelvis, and manage pain naturally.


Targeting Key Areas

Our Labor Preparation Massage concentrates on three key areas: the neck, shoulders, and pelvis. This targeted approach helps to alleviate tension and promote relaxation.

Therapeutic Techniques

Utilizing therapeutic techniques, our skilled therapists work on releasing deep pelvic muscle tension, which aids in preparing the body for a smoother labor experience.

Preparing the Body for Birth

Through sacral work and tailbone positioning, the massage encourages the opening of the body, further facilitating the labor process and fostering a more comfortable experience.

60 Minute Session

$ 140

Per Session

Embrace the power of relaxation and physical readiness with our 60-minute Labor Preparation Massage, designed to support you during the transformative journey of childbirth.

90min SessionMost Popular

$ 195

Per Session

The ultimate relaxation and relief with our 90-minute deep tissue massage session, tailored to release deep-seated tension and leave you feeling refreshed.

*** Must be at least 38 weeks to book. ***

Massage Packages

Treat yourself or gift your loved ones with a Massage Package to ensure that you get your relaxation in.
No Exchanges, Substitutions, or Refunds.

Four 60 Minute Massages ($60 Savings)


Four 90 Minute Massages ($80 Savings)


Four 60 Minute Deep Tissue Massages ($65 Savings)


Four 90 Minute Deep Tissue Massages ($90 Savings)


Four 70 Minute Hot Stone Massages ($65 Savings)


Four 90 Minute Hot Stone Massages ($90 Savings)


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