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Embrace Serenity and Strength with Prenatal Yoga

Welcome to the world of prenatal yoga at the Motherhood Center. As your body nurtures a new life, our prenatal yoga classes allow you to unwind, breathe deeply, and connect profoundly with your little one.

Yoga – A Cherished Companion in Your Pregnancy Journey

Yoga, the ancient practice of unity, becomes a source of comfort, strength, and tranquility during pregnancy. Our sessions are meticulously designed to accommodate the unique requirements of expecting mothers, ensuring you gain the benefits of yoga safely and comfortably.

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga serves as a holistic solution for several pregnancy-related discomforts.
Here are some key benefits of incorporating it into your routine:


Improves Flexibility & Strength

Our poses stretch and strengthen your body, preparing it for childbirth.

Promotes Relaxation

Yoga aids in reducing stress and promotes a peaceful state of mind.

Boosts Circulation

Regular practice ensures optimal nutrient delivery to your baby.

Fosters Maternal Bond

The practice facilitates a deep bond between you and your baby right from the womb.

Pricing Options

Yoga, Fitness & Pilates Packages

Our yoga, fitness and Pilates classes are suitable for all levels.
We offer different package options to accommodate all needs and budgets.
Class sizes are limited – we encourage you to register online, however, walk-ins are welcomed as well.

Class Pass - Available for First-Time Guests (package expires 10 days after first redemption)

$ 45.00 for 10 Consecutive Days Unlimited Yoga & Fitness Classes

Per Class

$ 24.00 per Class

5 Class Pass ($ 15.00 Savings) - 6 month expiration

$ 105.00 for 5 Classes

10 Class Pass ($ 45.00 Savings) - 6 month expiration

$ 195.00 for 10 Classes

Private Yoga & Fitness Classes

Private Yoga & Fitness classes are one on one sessions that will assist you in growing to the next level. Our experts will watch your form and correct you as you go. Group private sessions can also be set up. Give us a call to set up a private session.

Dive into Our Prenatal Yoga Sessions

With certified prenatal yoga instructors at the helm, each yoga session at the Motherhood Center blends expertise, empathy, and warmth. They guide you through every pose, tailoring it to match your comfort level and stage of pregnancy.

As part of our nurturing community, you’ll join other expectant mothers, share experiences, and grow together in your motherhood journey.

*** Bring your yoga mat or rental yoga mats and
new assorted yoga mats for purchase are available in our Boutique.

Begin Your Prenatal Yoga Journey Today

Embrace the journey of pregnancy with the restorative power of prenatal yoga. Alleviate discomfort, prepare your body for childbirth, or take a moment to relax and breathe; we have a place for you.

Are you ready to embark on this journey? Book your spot in our Prenatal Yoga class today. Experience the Motherhood Center’s warm embrace in every breath you take.

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