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What is a Maternity Consultation?

Regardless of whether it’s your first baby, if you are adopting, or adding an additional child to your growing family – one thing is for sure, it’s all a new experience. Because of this “newness” preparing for that special day may feel a bit overwhelming. Take a deep breath and relax because you have access to Houston’s most recognized pregnancy expert, Gabriela Gerhart, to help you create a road map that will guide you through all things, baby!

Maternity Consultations can happen at any time during your pregnancy….it’s never too early. The duration of the consultation is 1.5 hours at a rate of $ 450.00. We realize that some of our clients maintain busy schedules and may not be available to meet at our center, therefore, we do offer both onsite and in-home consultations.

Gabriela Gerhart

Meet Gabriela Gerhart

Founder & President

For over 24 years, Gabriela Gerhart continues to be Houston’s most trusted leading maternity and new mom expert. Her career began by providing Baby Doula services to the most prominent families in Houston. She continued to grow her business and offer services that best support Houston’s executive and professional families in the city and surrounding suburbs.

Motherhood is a beautiful experience. There’s nothing more amazing in this world than caring for the growing baby in your belly. You experience the glow, the anxiety, the fear, and the excitement, often all at the same time. Whether you realize it at the time – it’s nature’s way of preparing you for the wonderful journey ahead.

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Gabriela’s Most Requested Consultations


Finding a Pregnancy Doctor or Practitioner

Some expectant mothers may want to seek out a new practitioner, and they may need guidance and recommendations on OB’s, midwives, labor doulas, & pediatricians. Call and book a consultation with Gabriela to learn more about what will work for you on how to select a practitioner.

Pregnancy Class Plan

Most soon to be moms want to know about the different types of pregnancy and parenting classes. Gabriela can create a pregnancy class plan so you know when it is a good time to take those preparation classes for the big day!

Newborn Care Plan

Giving birth is the main focus of pregnancy, and many new moms are not prepared for how to take care of baby once the little one arrives. This may at times bring unnecessary stress. Gabriela works with each family on creating a plan to ensure a support structure is in place for the well being of mom and baby. Gabriela is committed to this “4th Trimester” which is critical in both mom’s recovery and bonding with her child.

What to Expect? What to Buy?

Most women want to be sure they are purchasing the right products for baby. First time moms are so overwhelmed with the mass marketing of baby items that they are not sure what is safe and best for baby. Gabriela works with our clients and their lifestyle to make sure the products and services they are wishing to purchase are the best for them.

Baby Registry Must-Haves

Every soon-to-be mom is eager to grab that gun and fly down the isles in the baby stores. Whether you are looking for what baby item is the most reliable, the must-have splurge, or your girlfriend says it’s the best. Gabriela can help you prepare (before you start zapping away).

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