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Mom feeds the baby breastfeedingTiming is everything. It’s important to try to schedule our visit for when your baby is hungry. We will work with his/her schedule as best as we can.

In preparation for our visit, please consider the following:

  • Have a support person with you at the consultation. They will be able to provide another set of eyes and ears to help you after our visit.
  • Don’t worry about tidying up your house. I’m here to help you feed your baby.
  • Have a comfortable space set up where you are primarily nursing.
  • Do your homework: Make a list of questions that you’d like to discuss.
  • Prepare a history of your pregnancy, labor and delivery, and hospital stay, along with any pertinent medical history for mom or baby.
  • Provide any documentation of dates and weights that were taken on the baby since birth.

Our consultation visit will look something like this:

  1. If baby is hungry before I arrive, be sure to feed a small amount to calm him/her down.
  2. Ideally, the baby will be sleeping when I arrive. He/she will want to eat shortly after waking, so this will give us some time to talk before baby wakes up.
  3. After talking and answering your questions we will weigh the baby on a scale I bring before and after the feeding session.
  4. I will then observe and help to determine how well the baby is latching and what type of adjustments we need to make. A suck assessment and examination of the baby’s mouth, tongue, lips, and palate may be done to assist in telling me how well the baby is sucking.
  5. I will then observe an entire feed at the breast, assisting you with positioning and latching and observing how well the baby is sucking and swallowing. A post-feed weight will be done to determine the amount of milk the baby transferred at the feed.
  6. If desired, you can pump and we can cover good pumping techniques.
  7. If the baby is going to require supplementation, we can discuss the best ways for this to be done based on your situation.
  8. We will discuss any questions or concerns that come up during the consultation. A game plan will be made based on you and your baby’s individual circumstance.
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Please be sure to let me know at any time if you are having any pain or if you don’t think the plan we’ve come up with will work for you and your baby. I want to be sure the plan meets you and your family’s needs.

I will recap everything we’ve discussed in writing for your reference. Additionally, a written report on the consultation will be sent to your pediatrician and obstetrician so they will be informed and continuity of care will be maintained.

We will be in contact with each other a few days after the visit, or when necessary, to discuss how things are going and to make adjustments if needed.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at any time. You can learn more at our lactation consultant services page.

Renee Bowling | Motherhood Center

Renee Bowling RN
Lactation Consultant
Motherhood Center
713-963-8880 ext 113

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