Meet Renee Bowling
Lactation Consultant RN

Meet Motherhood Center’s Lactation Consultant

I have always loved working with moms and their babies.  I started out my RN career many years ago working in the field of obstetrics and gynecology.  After my first baby and experiencing many breastfeeding difficulties, I became very interested in the area of lactation.  I became a Lactation Consultant approximately 15 years ago and went on to have another successful breastfeeding relationship with my second baby.  I have been working at MHC for 13 years.  I teach the breastfeeding classes to help moms and their partners gain knowledge about breastfeeding basics and how to get off to the best possible start.  I also provide customized in-home, hospital, individual, and Motherhood Center visits, to help moms and babies who are having difficulties. I believe support for new moms and their family is vitally important and we at MHC are here to help you and yours on your journey.

To Schedule an In-Home Visit with Renee,
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Fee:  $155 per hour – extended sessions will be prorated

The Benefits of Breastfeeding Consultation

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What Our Clients Say About Renee!

I recommend Renee to all my new mom friends. I work at Texas Children’s and recommed her to pregnant moms all the time too. I was able to breastfeed/pump for 8 months due to an incredible home visit with Renee and all of the guidance she provided, when my son was not gaining weight at 1 month old.
Julie G.
Renee has been a great help even months after I sought help from her. She responded to my text messages all the time!
Denise Z.
Renee was extremely helpful and eased my worries about my child properly latching. As a new mother, I was concerned I was doing everything wrong, but she really took the time to sit with me and address all of my concerns. I couldn’t be more pleased with the service and highly recommend it to all new moms!
Kristen S.