The Motherhood Center is now open from 9 AM to 7 PM Monday – Thursday and 9 AM to 5 PM Friday – Sunday.
We are happy to offer phone and video consultations.
For immediate support please call Renee and Amanda at (713)907-4650.

Meet Renee Bowling

RN Lactation Consultant

Meet Motherhood Center’s Lactation Consultant

I have always loved working with moms and their babies. I started out my RN career many years ago working in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. After my first baby and experiencing many breastfeeding difficulties, I became very interested in the area of lactation. I became a Lactation Consultant and went on to have another successful breastfeeding relationship with my second baby. I have been working at Motherhood Center for almost two decades. I teach the breastfeeding classes to help moms and their partners gain knowledge about breastfeeding basics and how to get off to the best possible start. I also provide customized in-home, hospital, individual, and Motherhood Center visits, to help moms and babies who are having difficulties. I believe support for new moms and their family is vitally important and we at Motherhood Center are here to help you and yours on your journey.

To Schedule an In-Home Visit with Renee,
Please Call 713.963.8880 ext 113.


$155 per hour for in-home consultation- extended sessions will be prorated

$115 per hour for virtual or over-the-phone consultations – prorated with 15 minute intervals available

The Benefits of Breastfeeding Consultation

is Natural

Breastfeeding is a natural process for moms
and babies, however, at times the process can seem anything but easy and natural! Breastfeeding is an art form where moms and babies learn the dance together and what works best for them. The Motherhood Center Lactation Consultant Renee Bowling can help! She has helped hundreds of moms in and around the Houston area have a successful breastfeeding experience. Different woman face different challenges during breastfeeding. Some of the more common breastfeeding problems include: breastfeeding latch problems, nursing premature babies, how to produce more milk, breastfeeding twins and multiples.


Renee offers one on one personal help at mom’s home, Motherhood Center, the hospital, or through phone consultations. Appointments are scheduled around the baby’s feeding schedule, where we can weigh the baby, observe the baby latching, address mom’s comfort level and determine how well the baby is receiving milk at the breast.
Individual care plans are developed based on mom and baby’s needs. Follow up appointments may be needed, so frequent phone contact between Renee and the family after a consultation can help insure that breastfeeding continues on the right track and issues are completely resolved.

The Benefits of a
Registered Nurse

Renee also sends a lactation report to the mom’s obstetrician and the baby’s pediatrician to help with best continuity of care. The doctors have mentioned how helpful this contact is to mom and baby and everyone working together for breastfeeding success. Under the new Health Care Reform, breastfeeding classes, consultations and medically necessary nursing supplies may be covered by insurance. Insurance companies are reimbursing their members for services rendered by a consultant, who has a Registered Nursing License, and/or special training and Lactation Certification. The ICD9 Diagnosis Codes that are relevant to that mom and baby’s consultation are given to clients for them to use when seeking insurance reimbursement for covered services.

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I attended the prenatal yoga and Pilates classes at Motherhood center every week during my second and third trimesters. I really enjoyed the classes and believe that it attributed to me having such a positive and fit pregnancy. The center is highly recommended!!!!

Jincy Sarah