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We are pleased to introduce our winter class schedule for Baby and Family Music Classes.  Beginning in January the Motherhood Center will offer classes for newborns, toddlers and young children through a partnership with Gymboree.  “We are excited to offer music classes once again at the Motherhood Center”, said Gabriela Gerhart, president and founder.  “We selected Gymboree to be our music education partner because they are a leader in early childhood education, and they are committed to offering exemplary classes that align with the value that our clients expect from the Motherhood Center.” 

Motherhood Center believes in the importance of children’s learning through fun and interactive activities.  To that effect, we have added another dimension of our children’s classes: Gymboree Family and Baby Music Classes. What makes the Motherhood Center unique is that we build a strong community from pregnancy to parenting. Through yoga, dance and now music, we are pleased to expand our Mommy and Me Classes so parents and caregivers can explore new experiences with their newborn, toddler and young children.

Music class helps babies develop in more than one area. Making music impacts the development of the whole child – cognitively, physically, and socially. Through songs, instrument exploration, and movement activities, children explore the power of rhythm, melody, tonality and beat. They are nurturing key developmental physical, social and cognitive skills – all in a context that feels like play!

Music class is also a fun – and adorable – way for moms and dads to bond with baby! They are playing and having fun while you watch them grow and learn. Whether they are shaking maracas or tapping on a tambourine, the thrill of making their own music never fails to put a smile on baby’s (and mom’s) face!

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These classes provide not only the opportunity to bond with your baby, but with other parents as well! Register for our upcoming class that start in January on our website.







Gabriela Gerhart

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