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by: Mary Bratcher, Retail Director

So…its been in the news recently that there are harmful ingredients in even the simplest of baby products. We are reaching a time where we can access information at any time; on our computer, on our phones, in print, and even just through speaking with other knowledgeable people. This is an exciting time because it really helps us to become informed consumers and invest in companies that fit our ethical and physical needs. Thanks to groups that monitor larger companies, we are learning about ingredients and production practices that we sometimes do not agree with. Using the Internet and print information we are able to find smaller companies that are taking a stand and giving the customer what they really would like to use and endorse.

Here at The Motherhood Center we strive to carry not only the top picks of moms and critics, but also safe items for you and your baby that we have researched ourselves. I have actually spent 4 months researching and trying out different baby body care products. I have tested them myself for effectiveness, ethical practices in production, healthful ingredients, and pleasant scents.

Baby Spa

After much testing an discussion we decided on BabySpa products. They have a great selection of items that are made with ECOCERT certified botanicals, a simple and tender scent, are never tested on animals, never contain animal ingredients, and are FREE of parabens, phthalates, SLS, PEGS, and mineral oils.

Come in and check out our new offerings in this product line including; tearless shampoo, 3 in one body wash/shampoo/bubble bath, calming massage oils for infant massage, and gift packs with complimentary products as well as sensory bath items. They are all classified as well into a stage 1 for newborns and stage 2 for toddlers since their sensitivities and cleanliness needs are different. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn about these excellent products!

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