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by: Priscilla Miranda, Nanny and Babysitting Coordinator

Hiring your nanny from a well-known and respected nanny agency in your area alleviates many stressors in finding someone experienced and credible. Nanny agencies take care of all the initial formalities involved in hiring a nanny, such as providing a list of pre-qualified nannies, running a thorough background check, and speaking to referrals.

It is very important to conduct a personal interview when choosing a nanny. Including your children or even a relative in the meeting is a good idea. They can provide feedback and support in making your decision. Always trust your instincts and those of your close ones. Surprisingly, children often have better instincts than adults when it comes to identifying a truly friendly person.

Monitor the performance of your nanny for at least a period of one week. This way you can not only observe the nanny, but it also gives you an opportunity to explain certain routines and tasks you would like her to accomplish throughout each day.

It is important to set clear expectations, boundaries and rules between you and your nanny. This prevents either party from feeling misunderstood or taken for granted. Keeping a daily log is also helpful and recommended.

It is natural to fear leaving your child with a stranger. Raising any internal issues with your nanny will allow her to understand your concerns and help her to better demonstrate to you that she is confident and capable of performing her duties, essentially putting you at ease.

Developing a relationship with your nanny is important, and will help with working out any conflicting emotions, such as guilt or jealousy. Remember you and your nanny are building a positive environment for your child. Your child’s happiness is the fulcrum of any mother-nanny relationship. When your child is happy, it is easier to relieve any fears or jealousy and allow yourself to appreciate the nanny’s role in your home.

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The Motherhood Center is here to help you find the right nanny for your family. We look for any red flags throughout our interviews, phone and email conversations. The Motherhood Center can provide you with the peace of mind of having a qualified nanny in your home, relieving any stress or worry while at work or out running errands.

Call us at 713-963-8880 ext 107 for more information.

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