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Founder and President Gabriela Gerhart on Her Business, Vision for the Future, and Maintaining the Originality of Motherhood Center

From the beginning, the vision for Motherhood Center was to be a haven and supportive partner for mothers and families embarking on the journey to parenthood. In the early stages of Motherhood Center, very little information was readily available to mothers and their families–especially prior to the internet, blogging, and social media booms.

Motherhood Center has grown to be THE place for moms in Houston, TX; however, according to founder, Gabriela Gerhart, there is more on the horizon.

Meet Gabriela Gerhart: A Backstory on the President of Motherhood Center

Gabriela was born and raised in the small mountain village of Jablunkov, Czechoslovakia, where a warm and nurturing environment surrounded her. Before accepting a position in America, Gabriela worked hard and earned degrees in Pediatric Nursing and Physical Therapy.

This position in America became the turning point in her life and the true catalyst of Motherhood Center. In 1999, she worked with a couple in Houston to help care for their premature baby. This initial position kickstarted a lot of opportunities and life events for Gabriela in the Houston area. She grew both her personal and professional life; she gained additional certifications in breastfeeding education, postpartum doula, and prenatal massage.

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Gabriela began offering her vast wealth of knowledge as a resource for women who needed guidance in both prenatal and postpartum with their babies. There was little access to information, classes, and the ever-changing modern methods and technologies in the prenatal, childbirth, and postpartum world. With the needs of the mothers in Houston, TX, in mind, Motherhood Center was formed. There was no magical lightbulb moment for Gabriela; understanding the needs of the parents and grandparents around her was the driving force behind Motherhood Center and all it has to offer.

From Humble Beginnings to a Growing Empire

Motherhood Center has helped 40,000+ clients since being established in 2000. Gabriela began Motherhood Center to try out her concept in the real world. Not knowing what might happen, she set small goals for herself and started offering services to local families. Within a month, it was clear how necessary those services were to the Houston metro area.

Today, Motherhood Center offers a comprehensive list of services designed to help families prepare and stay centered in their role as parents and grandparents. Many of the center’s popular services include

In addition to preparing a family for their bundle of joy, Motherhood Center’s signature service lies in childcare. They provide a boutique approach to connecting clients to caregivers to offer unparalleled childcare services families won’t find anywhere else in the Houston area. Motherhood Center works with families to connect them with Doula services, newborn care specialists, nanny placement, night nanny services, governess placement, babysitting services, and many other childcare options for their Houston, TX family.

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When asked about expansion, Gabriela was only too happy to comment! She explained that they often hear from clients who have used their services and classes in Houston and are looking for a local Motherhood Center in a new area or city (that they moved to).

Unfortunately, many previous clients are disappointed to hear that Motherhood Center is a local Houston business only. Due to her commitment to improving lives across the country with Motherhood Center, Gabriela is hopeful for expansion in the future!

Building Motherhood Center’s Brand has not Been Without its Share of Obstacles.

One of the most frustrating parts of building her brand was that Motherhood Center became a somewhat generic trademark (think Kleenex being used in place of facial tissues) in the mom & babies industries. With some frustration and annoyance, Gabriela opened up about a competitor, who knowingly chose to use her business name even though they knew of the existence of the Motherhood Center. This has led to several other motherhood centers popping up around the country.

On the one hand, it’s flattering the concept she envisioned over 20 years ago is becoming a generic trademark. Gabriela is always on board with companies that want to help parents navigate their new roles in life. On the other hand, it is frustrating that one company’s decision led to multiple mistaken identities online.

Motherhood Center has rectified issues of mistaken identity on social media and from blogs of other companies that refer to themselves as “motherhood centers,” making it challenging to remain THE Motherhood Center. At Motherhood Center, their webmaster and marketing team have had to vet countless emails and inquiries meant for other businesses simply because of the misinterpretation of their namesake.

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Gabriela is NOT afraid of a challenge. While working through these branding issues that Motherhood Center faces, her focus remains solely on her clients and their needs.

When in Houston, Visit the Motherhood Center!

Motherhood Center is a warm, comforting environment meant to provide the tools, skills, and reassurance families need as they navigate all the changes and challenges during this time of their lives.

If you live in the Houston metropolitan area and are looking for a simple support system, Motherhood Center is the place for you. You’ll find hands-on support in the center and additional resources on their website.

Gabriela, and her entire staff, help parents, grandparents, and their children feel confident and comfortable through exceptional education and services that provide growth and love.

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