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Written in rhyme, the story of The Be Good Bunny explains how the Easter Bunny knows who deserves a good Easter basket and egg hunt. The Be Good Bunny arrives every spring and magically returns to the Easter Bunny each night to report on the day’s adventures before finding a new hiding spot in his family’s home.

Motherhood Center has been visited by the Be Good Bunny! If you haven’t planned out your Easter basket, we have plenty of goodies that are great for the mom-to-be or for the new mommy. We also are having a Story Time with the author, Lea Ann Bratcher, on April 18 from 4 – 5:30pm. This event is FREE, all children are welcome, and you can RSVP to

The Be Good Bunny Visits Motherhood Center

The joy of music! The Be Good Bunny has joined the Animambo party! He loves this bright and delightful wooden instruments, that will encourage little ones to explore and develop a love for music. Babies and toddlers love the sound of crinkly things like plastic bags of all kinds! Marley’s Monsters crinkle paper is super crinkly high quality CPSIA and EN71 compliant crinkle material sandwiched between 2 layers flannel, and it’s machine washable!

Be Good Bunny

Our egg shakers come in assorted bright colors that are sure to get the attention of your toddlers and babies! The egg shakers come in two sizes, standard and jumbo, so they will fit in all sizes of little hands. Whether you buy a half a dozen egg shaker carton or just one, this is a great goody for your Easter basket, and it is Be Good Bunny approved.

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Egg Shaker

Here come the Farm Hoppers bringing hopping, bouncing, boinging fun to your child’s day. This wonderful bunny is made from high quality, brightly colored, BPA and phthalate-free plastic for long lasting use and durability, these animals combine excitement and fun with energetic exercise. They are a great outlet for all that tot energy, and the hopping promotes body coordination, balance and lymph circulation while providing a fun workout. The Farm Hoppers includes a free hand pump and has a self-closing valve, so it is not a choking for your little ones. The Farm Hopper has won multiple awards including Creative Child Toy of the Year and Mom’s Choice Silver Medal, and it is recommended for ages 18 months through 4 years.

Farm Hoppers

The Be Good Bunny loves these wooden toys and so will your children! Wooden toys have so many benefits. They inspire creative and imaginative play while developing problem solving skills. Wooden toys also help develop hand eye coordination and the natural textures will stimulate senses as they touch, feel, and explore. They are all natural and contain no chemicals, have no sharp edges, and won’t break so you don’t have to worry if they go into baby’s mouth!

Wooden Toys

The Be Good Bunny doesn’t have hands for these darling cat finger puppets, but you do! These puppets will delight your children during story time, especially while you are reading them The Be Good Bunny!

Finger puppets

The Be Good Bunny loves to drum on these wooden drums and your baby will too! Solidly built and beautiful to look at, the drums come with the drumsticks and are perfect for your little one to bang on instead of those pots and pans.

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We love books! And, the Be Good Bunny does too, which is why he in a book and sitting on top of these great board books and hard cover books. Whether you read Barnyard Dance or Birthday Monsters, we carry books that will delight you and your children.

Board Books

It looks like the Be Good Bunny found our pre-made Easter basket! If you want an array of goodies for your basket, we would love to put one together for you. Come in and we can pick out the gifts for your basket together, or we can put together a cute basket like this one.

Easter Basket

Although it’s not Rodeo season, living in Texas every little cowboy needs a pair of boots. These boots come in sizes from 1 – 8 for newborns to children. They are flexible and very easy to put on and take off, so perfect for those new walkers to walk the range.

Baby Boots

And, we can’t forget about our cowgirls! With soles made for gripping, these pink stunners will make any outfit complete. Consider one of our cute tutus to top off these fabulous boots. These come in size 1 – 8 from infant size to toddlers.

Cowgirl Boots

Part plush toy, part pacifier, the amazing WubbaNub makes a perfect companion for your little one. A soft, cozy, and adorable pal, its patented design keeps your baby’s pacifier close by and prevents it from getting lost, dropped, or misplaced. The WubbaNub pacifier is an all-in-one plush toy and pacifier for your baby that is durable, functional, and stylish. The pacifier is made with a Soothie™ medical grade, latex-free silicone pacifier that is BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free, is easy to clean by hand or in the machine, and is suitable for newborns less than 6 months old or babies without teeth (not recommended for the teething stage).

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The Be Good Bunny can’t hug Lavender Lovey the Lamb enough! Whether young or old or a bunny, Lavender Lovey the Lamb is a warm huggable fragrant treat. A unique treat for young or less-young. Warm in the microwave for a fragrant loving embrace. Remove the fragrant insert to wash the cover if needed.

Lovey Lavender

And finally, the Be Good Bunny found his own book, which he will hop back into right before Easter! We will have these available for sale at our Story Time. We hope to see you there, and for all your gift giving needs, please stop by anytime.

Be Good Bunny Book

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