Get it at Motherhood Center

We are nestled in the River Oaks neighborhood of Houston, and we have over 7,000 square feet of space for our Nanny School, yoga center, education classes, massage spa, and New Mom services along with an in-store boutique.

The boutique features the best selection of pregnancy, nursing, yoga, infant and toddler items that are hand picked by Gabriela Gerhart. As Houston’s most recognized maternity and baby expert Gabriela knows what products provide outstanding use, function and support for expectant and new moms. For clients that seek personal assistance she provides Maternity Consultation, and most clients ask for her personalized baby registry.

As Houston’s only “Mommy Country Club” we offer bundled cost savings with our pregnancy classes, prenatal yoga or education classes. Stop by our in-store boutique to learn about our classes, services and retail items.


Give the new mom in your life a Motherhood Center Gift Certificate redeemable towards any retail, class or service for herself and baby.

Wellness Packages

For those clients that appreciate a package deal – we have a couple to choose from. Whether you are looking for a package to support you through your entire pregnancy, or you would like to get a taste of our services – we have the perfect package for you. Wellness and Pregnancy Packages may be purchased online or in our boutique with a Guest Service Representative.
No Exchanges, Substitutions or Refunds.

10 Exercise Classes

2 Sixty Minute Massages

*Prepared Childbirth Class

Newborn Care Class


$145 Savings


10 Exercise Classes
3 Sixty Minute Massages
Breastfeeding Class
Newborn Care Class
2 Nights of Baby Doula
4 Hours of Babysitting


$366 Savings


$381 Savings

10 Exercise Classes

1 Sixty Minute Massage


$45 Savings


Get a sampling of what we have to offer with a package from one of our popular categories.
No Exchanges, Substitutions or Refunds.


4 Sixty Minute


$45 Savings

4 Ninety Minute


$80 Savings


10 Class


$30 Savings

5 Class


$10 Savings


*Prepared Childbirth Class
CPR Class
Breastfeeding Class
Newborn Care Class


$75 Savings

*Add $50 for Natural Childbirth

Breast Pump & Weigh Scale Rental

We rent hospital grade breast pumps for those moms that are going back to work or supplement their baby.  We even offer weigh scales to ensure your newborn is getting enough nourishment while you are breastfeeding.  Want to weigh your baby?  Stop by the center and weigh your baby during your visit.

Nursing Bras & Supplies

We have nursing bras, tanks and other breastfeeding essentials for everyday comfort.  So whether you are looking for Medela accessories or bras designed for your breast pump we can help – call or stop by our boutique.  Not sure what nursing bra to get?  We have onsite experts to help you select the perfect nursing bra – please call us to make an appointment.

Infant & Toddler Gifts

Our in-store boutique is supplied with products that are “Motherhood Center Approved” for Mom and Baby.  Whether its to help with teething, cold remedies, or teaching your child to explore with textures – we have the best gifts around Houston for your infant and toddler hand selected by Gabriela Gerhart.

What Our Clients Are Saying!

The Motherhood Center has been a wonderful resource for me through my first pregnancy. I’ve utilized everything from their Yoga classes (Ester and Loretta are wonderful), educational classes and massage services (Crystal gave me one of the best massages of ever had), and everything was great.

Sean D