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Q: When do you recommend attending a breastfeeding class? Should my partner attend?

A: I recommend taking a breastfeeding class during your 7th or 8th month of pregnancy. We love it when partners attend classes! Your partner is your biggest cheerleader during breastfeeding and can be immensely helpful and supportive when mom and baby run into obstacles.

Q: What are the most challenging obstacles for new mommies? 

A: One of the most common obstacles is definitely lack of sleep. Babies are “time stealers” and many moms begin to feel like all they do is breastfeed. Many moms are also concerned if their baby is getting enough to eat since you can’t “see” how much they consume. Then of course if there are breastfeeding issues – such as mom is having pain or the baby is not gaining weight etc. – then challenges increase and extra support and advice is needed. That is where my job as a nurse and lactation consultant comes in to play.

Q: Do you normally see clients in their homes?

A: I almost always see clients in their homes. It’s very helpful to work with moms and babies in their own environment, on their own feeding schedules. We can get you set up where you are comfortable nursing – plus, there’s no need for mom and baby to have to get out and go somewhere! I also do some visits at Motherhood Center or the hospital if necessary; whatever is most convenient for mom and baby.

Q: What advice would you give to new breastfeeding moms?

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A: If breastfeeding is not going well, get help early before problems escalate. Working with a lactation consultant can make all the difference in your success and happiness. Remember to just say YES, and get all the help you can get from your families and friends.  It takes a village! Let friends and family cook and clean for you so you can sleep whenever the baby is sleeping — and remember to enjoy your new baby!

About The Author: Renee Bowling RN, CBE
Renee Bowling RN, CBE has been working with Motherhood Center families as a Lactation Educator for over 10 years and worked in the field of obstetrics and gynecology for many years before becoming a certified lactation consultant. With a passion for providing women and their partners with support and education about breastfeeding, Renee has assisted hundreds of new mommies and babies with breastfeeding, taught almost 300 breastfeeding classes, and assisted in training all of our baby nurses/doulas.
For more information on our upcoming breastfeeding classes, see here.
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