Breastfeeding is a natural process with numerous benefits for both mom and baby, and to most Moms it doesn’t always come as naturally as it would seem. Breastfeeding is a learned process in which Mom and Baby must work together.  This partnership is crucial for new moms to continue breastfeeding.

We are committed to providing new moms with the support they need to be successful in breastfeeding.   Our products and services include breastfeeding education classes, lactation consultations, breast pump rentals, breast pump supplies, nursing wear essentials and tips from our Blog with a section dedicated to Breastfeeding.  That’s why the Motherhood Center is Houston’s Breastfeeding Headquarters.

The Motherhood Center believes that childbirth is an empowering time in a woman’s life.  Over the next nine months her body will undergo a tremendous change to supply all the essential nutrients that is needed for the baby to grow in her womb, but it doesn’t stop there. After the baby’s born, her body continues to provide baby with the key essentials for food in her breast milk.

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What Our Client’s Say

I went to have a prenatal massage at 37 weeks. It was magical. I knew it was great when I got up and didn’t feel pregnant any more. No more aches, pains, swollen feelings-nothing! Fantastic service and atmosphere. I will be going back for a postpartum massage if I can wrangle together the money.

Devan Peterson