Upcoming Classes

Our classes are now being offered in-person and online. Link to stream will be sent 3 hours before class starts. All class times are in CST.

Special Live Stream Pricing: $85 per Individual or Couple

The Motherhood Center offers many breastfeeding classes to smooth the transition into breastfeeding. Classes are on select Thursdays and Saturdays for expectant moms and her partner.  Breastfeeding is very beneficial to the newborn but can sometimes be frustrating to the new mom!  Education in proper breastfeeding positions is key to ensure success once baby is born.

The breastfeeding class at Motherhood Center is taught by Renee Bowling RN, Certified Lactation Educator.  She offers information on learning the art of breastfeeding. Topics include breastfeeding benefits, how to be comfortable and get started, hospital policies and how they impact breastfeeding, positioning the baby at the breast, and how to be sure your baby is getting enough milk.

Instructor: Renee Bowling RN, Certified Lactation Educator

Class Cost:  $120 per individual or couple

Private class: $350 per individual or couple

Breastfeeding Class