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by: Angie Graumenz

Parents often take classes to prepare for the arrival of a new baby, but what about siblings? In TMC’s sibling class, children learn about how their family is about to change. We show big brother or big sister what to expect when the new baby comes home. Each child will get to practice feeding, changing, swaddling and holding a baby doll. We will show a short movie about a real baby who changes and grows. Children in the class will get to draw a picture of their new family and get their picture taken for our new bulletin board of Brothers & Sisters at TMC.

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s National Institutes of Health website, “a review of the recent literature substantiates that sibling preparation classes help to ease the transition into being a sibling. Studies have shown that as a result of this preparation, children who become siblings exhibit fewer anxieties, are better able to express their feelings, and the mother feels better able to cope with the older child when the infant arrives.”

Interested in learning more? The next session of Sibling Harmony is September 14. Register today!

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