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by: Ana Trevino-Godfrey
When I’m asked why music is important to me, Plato’s wisdom comes to mind.  He eloquently said “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.”  I can’t think of a better way to describe what music does to each one of us.  Parenting has been the greatest and most important part of my life and I am so thankful to have music as a way to communicate and bond with my own children.  I see this happen in every Prelude Class and it brings great joy to my life.

This coming week, The Motherhood Center will ring with joyful music that brings families together.  Prelude Music Classes for Children teaches Music Together® classes.  Music Together is an internationally recognized music and movement program for children and the adults who love them.  It is a research-based program that believes all children are musical and all children can achieve basic music competence (that is, the ability to sing in tune and move to an accurate rhythm).

How young can children begin?
Pre-birth!!  Yes, your infant is ready for this class because YOU will be doing the work.  We (the teachers) will model for you and you will model for your child.  Your infant will absorb all of the music around him/her and will be stimulated by all of the movements we do.  Every song we sing and every moment we make has a reason.  We are either teaching major, minor or a different mode; duple, triple or irregular meter; or doing movements that cross midlines so we can stimulate both sides of the child’s brain.  We have classes for babies only (from birth to 8 months), mixed-age classes (birth to age 5) and big kids classes (ages 5, 6 and 7).
All of our teachers are highly qualified to teach and guide you.  We believe you are your child’s greatest and most important influence, so we make sure we teach you how to bring this program home.  Tuition includes ten classes, a book with all the music, two CDs, a parent education class, parent education materials, and entrance to two concerts for the entire family to enjoy!
Come make music with us!  Music is good for all of us- from pre-birth until our last days.  Come make lifelong memories with your children!  Classes begin this Monday, Sept. 10th!  To register, please visit:
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