Former Miss Houston, Thamer Favor, shares her parenting tips, baby must-haves, and what she wishes she would’ve known about pregnancy and motherhood.

What were your thoughts and emotions when you first learned that you were expecting?
 I was nervous because having a baby was a whole new world I knew nothing about, but very excited to be expanding my family!

You have participated in beauty pageants having successfully won the titles of Miss Houston and Miss Texas, and I remember last I saw you pregnant you were still in heels. How did you feel about the body changes that come with being pregnant?
(I won Miss Houston, Miss Austin, and Miss Bay Area and made top 5 at Miss Texas USA but unfortunately was never able to capture that title!) It was all exciting! I was in awe of how your body can grow and provide the perfect environment to grow a baby. I remember asking the doctor early on when was I going to start to show and she told me that one night you would wake up and boom! There would be a bump and she was right! Throughout my pregnancy, I wanted to dress up my bump and continue to wear heels because I love wearing heels. I also knew that once the baby was here they wouldn’t get much use and I am so glad I did! Brooks is a very active baby so I’ve had to hang up my heels and stick to tennis shoes and flats since they’re safer. But he’s worth i

You took some classes to help you prepare for you baby, Brooks. Based on your experience, what did you learn and do you have any helpful tips for moms?
Once they release you from the hospital with the baby you get home and are like, “OK, so now what?!” It’s very scary to be home with a newborn and not surrounded by nurses, but because we had taken classes we both felt assured it was going to be ok. Since Brooks was a preemie, it was important for me to breastfeed him and give him all the right nutrients. Before taking the classes I was so nervous to do so because everyone told me how painful it could be. Because of the classes, I knew exactly what to do and I am happy to say I have been able to breastfeed successfully for 8 months so far!

Is there anything you wish someone would have told you about pregnancy?
Growing pains!… I know it’s one of those obvious things, but I never actually gave much thought to it until I started to have them. The first time I had a really sharp one I freaked out because I thought something bad had happened, but I then read that it was normal and just part of it!

What would you like to share with our readers, expecting, and new mothers?
I was so worried that being maternal wouldn’t kick in naturally for me, but don’t worry, it does!

Your baby, Brooks, arrived earlier than expected. Can you describe that experience and what it was like having a preemie?
It was very overwhelming. I like to plan and be overly prepared for everything, but you never plan for your baby to be early. During that time I had so much going on with work, friends’ weddings and events that I hadn’t mentally gotten to the point that I was ready to have the baby here. My life was turned upside down and everything was brought to a screeching halt when the nurse told me I had to leave work early and be admitted into the hospital. I am so beyond blessed that I had such a great support system, worked for such a great company and took the classes at the Motherhood Center so once this little tiny 4 pound baby was ready to come home, my husband and I were just like all other newborn parents bringing a baby home — ours was just a little bit smaller!

I know your family has very strong morals and a solid family foundation. How does this influence your plans for raising baby Brooks?