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Recently, I had a chance to meet with Dr. Daniella Farias. We visited about women’s health and because of my great interest in pregnancy, oral health during pregnancy was one topic we discussed at great length, as our pregnant body goes through so many dramatic changes.

Where did the name Progressive Dental come from? Why did you choose this particular name?
There’s a lot in a name. For a business, it’s the book cover to be judged by. We understand there are many dentists. Unfortunately, patients will find it hard to recognize a genuinely progressive dental office.

We stand for progress in Dentistry and utilize lasers and modalities that shake up traditional “drill and fill” dentistry. We agree with medical proactiveness and early discovery of health challenges. The eyes, face, head, neck, and mouth prove to be the window for systemic health monitoring.

Our goal is simple — we want to make patients comfortable with our clinicians and with the tools we use to stay healthy and well. We care about so much more than teeth and that makes us “progressive.”

Dr. Daniella, you have a passion specifically for women’s wellness and oral health. Any particular reason?
As a woman in healthcare, I’ve experienced first-hand the neglect in women’s health and wellness. Whether it’s education, access to care, finances or any other reasons, my passion has been bridging the gap to create more access to care, more education and financial options, all of which empower women to maintain and manage their health.

Many of our clients are expecting, should dental hygiene be handled differently during pregnancy?
We recommend at least two cleanings during pregnancy. The dental hygiene of a pregnant woman should be handled more diligently. The body goes through many changes during pregnancy including hormonal changes that can trigger undesired inflammatory processes. When the gums are inflamed or perhaps bleeding during routine brushing and flossing, we recognize an undesired inflammatory process in the body. If left unmanaged the risks are high. These risks include low weight or pre-term births and the progression of other inflammatory ailments.

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There are many misconceptions about routine dental visits while pregnant. It has been studied that low dose digital radiography produces no harmful effect on child development. We utilize lasers that allow us a more holistic approach as it limits the need for anesthetic and other medicaments in treatment. It is much worse to neglect prescribed dental therapy when pregnant.

Are there any tips you would like to share with our expecting and new mommies?
Maintain your health and take ownership. Just as you stay current with your baby’s exams, shots, and screenings, stay current on your health and dental screenings.

Our lactation consultant works with many of our breastfeeding mommies and their babies who are struggling with nursing and at times diagnoses them with tongue tie and/or lip tie. Can you tell us little more about this, and do you offer a solution/procedure for these babies?
Needless to say, many challenges occur during breastfeeding, all of which take a serious emotional toll. After a thorough screening and consult with a lactation consultant, if a diagnosis is made where our consultant feels releasing a tongue or lip tie will prove beneficial to baby and momma, we then move forward with our evaluation of the baby’s oral anatomy. Upon this co-discovery, we release the attachment called a frenulum or frenum in a procedure called a frenectomy.

We understand the fear of your infant undergoing any procedure whatsoever, so we manage this fear with our modality of care. Traditionally, an ENT or dentist would use scissors or a blade to sever these frenum attachments and then place a stitch to control bleeding. We use a Waterlase dental laser that seals nerve endings and naturally produces an effect on minimizing bleeding and eliminates a need for stitches. Virtually painless with minimal if any swelling, we coach the parents through exercises to manage the released frenum for optimal nursing immediately post-operatively.

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Do you have a motto you live by?
Do well by doing well.

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