What Is A Newborn Care Specialist?

An Update On Covid-19

We are open Mon-Sun 10-3 for clients to come in and get their nursing and pumping supplies, rent a pump or scale, and weigh their baby. We are happy to offer phone and video consultations.
For immediate doula support please call Renee and Amanda at (713)907-4650.

Motherhood Center has served our community for 20 years and we will continue to support families during this time. We want all of our families to know that our Baby Doulas/NBCS/Babysitters instill high standards of hygiene in order to protect the families we work with. We are making sure that no Baby Doulas/NBCS/Babysitters have traveled recently are all practicing social distancing, and that they are all abiding by MHC protocol to contact us should they start to feel any symptoms of allergies or sickness. Our clients’ health and well-being will continue to be the number one priority at Motherhood Center, and our Baby Doulas/NBCS/Babysitters services will continue in order to provide parents with high-quality care, day or night, for a continuous or as-needed basis.

Night nanny helping mom in bed with baby

Motherhood Center’s newborn care specialists are experienced professionals who provide newborn support. Often referred to as a baby doula, postpartum doula, or night nanny, Motherhood Center’s newborn care specialists are highly-skilled professionals who provide physical, emotional, and educational support to families with newborns during the weeks and months following birth. From the moment you bring your baby home, our specialists are there to ease the transition into parenthood by mentoring families with hands-on instruction and expert guidance.

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Support for Mom

  • Postpartum Rest and Recovery
  • Lactation Support for Nursing Mothers
  • Emotional and Physical Nurturing
  • Household and Nursery Organization
  • Meal Prep and Nutritional Support

Support for the Family

  • Postpartum Rest and Recovery
  • Lactation Support for Nursing Mothers
  • Emotional and Physical Nurturing
  • Household and Nursery Organization
  • Meal Prep and Nutritional Support

Newborn Care & Education

  • Baby Care Basics
  • Diapering, Bathing, and Cord Care
  • Feeding and Burping Methods
  • Swaddling and Soothing Techniques
  • Initiate Feeding and Sleeping Routine
  • Caring for Multiples

About Our Newborn Care Specialists

hand selected

Motherhood Center’s newborn care specialists go through a rigorous
screening and selection process. They are hand selected by our founder and
president, Gabriela Gerhart, who personally reviews their knowledge
and techniques at Motherhood Center.

always available

Our newborn care specialists are available to support our clients in many ways.
From daytime to overnight care, our night nannies, baby doulas, or newborn care specialists are always ready to
assist with newborns and their families however they are needed.

newborn care specialist bottle feeding baby

In-Home Newborn Care

A night nanny, baby doula or newborn care specialist will help new parents recognize the needs and natural rhythms of their baby. Parents will learn to understand their
baby, trust their own instincts, and ultimately gain confidence in their parenting. Our specialists are skilled in newborn care,
soothing techniques, and breastfeeding and/or bottle-feeding.

In addition to providing reassurance for new parents, our new born care specialists can also assist with:


Meal Prep and
Nutritional Support

Recovery for Mom


certified baby nurse ready to serve you

The Motherhood Center Childcare Specialists go through a rigorous selection process. They are hand selected by Gabriela Gerhart, who thoroughly reviews their knowledge for extra peace of mind

areas we serve

  • River Oaks
  • Memorial
  • West University
  • Bellaire
  • Katy
  • Cinco Ranch
  • Sugar Land
  • Richmond
  • The Heights
  • Spring
  • Kingwood
  • The Woodlands

For More Information

We would love to hear from you! Please contact us to learn
more about our Newborn Care Specialist Services.

phone: 713.963.8880 ext. 104

Existing clients can email us anytime at support@motherhoodcenter.com

What Our Clients Are Saying

The Motherhood Center has been a wonderful resource for me through my first pregnancy. I’ve utilized everything from their Yoga classes (Ester and Loretta are wonderful), educational classes and massage services (Crystal gave me one of the best massages of ever had), and everything was great.

Sean D

My sister was dealing with sleep deprivation and baby blues. I called motherhood for help, baby doula Martha H worked for us and she is AMAZING, calm and loving to babies. She taught my sister how to pump effectively (a game changer) and sleep couched my little niece to sleep 6-7 hr stretchers in less than 2 months! Very knowledgeable, nurturing, sweet personality Martha has a kind soul, this is more than a job for her. She exceeds all our expectations and a life saver for my sister sanity.

Sophia G