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By: Gabriela Gerhart

It’s a joyful time in your household! Your sweet bundle of joy has arrived! But baby’s arrival can leave many moms feeling overwhelmed from the constant feedings, lack of sleep and fluctuating hormones.

Here are some helpful tips to make the

 most of your first few weeks:

*Use your phone or take advantage of social media to give out some of the details those family and friends are calling to find out! Create a voice message with baby’s name, weight, and inches or send out a text message. This helps you spread the good news without feeling obligated to respond to every single call and message immediately.

*Create a sign to let others know when you need private time, such as mom and baby are sleeping or nursing. Hang this on the door for visitors.

*It’s flu season, so have hand sanitizer handy or direct visitors to the nearest bathroom for a quick hand wash before coming near the baby. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to come back later if they are sick.

*Don’t say no when someone asks you to bring a meal! We often feel like we should do everything on our own, but the truth is, in generations past, the whole village helped out new mothers. From mothers to grandmothers to sisters and cousins, there was someone preparing your food, doing laundry, offering tips and helping take care of the baby so the new mom could bond, rest and heal.

*The village concept doesn’t work as well today with so many families living far apart, grandparents working full time or at an age where they cannot help out as much. For many families hiring a caregiver to help them the first few days or weeks after the baby arrives, really makes a huge help/difference in transitioning into parenthood. The Motherhood Center can help. Our baby doulas/newborn care specialists offer support to new parents through non-judgmental, customized services that fit the specific needs of the mother, new baby, and their growing family. Doulas can assist with breastfeeding or bottle feeding support, night feedings, burping techniques, diapering, bathing, swaddling and much more.

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*The Motherhood Center trains and schedules baby nurse doulas day or night for a few days/nights or for a few weeks. Call 713-963-8880 ext. 105 for more information.

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