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By: Gabriela Gerhart

iPhoneThe familiar lines formed at local Apple stores a couple of weeks ago for the release of the iPhone 5. Are you among the many who got the latest iPhone? Whether you have the new version or an older one, there are many great apps available for expecting and new parents.

My top 5 apps for expecting parents:

1. What to Expect (free)

-This app is associated with the popular What to Expect series and includes daily and weekly information on your baby’s development in the womb, as well as what mom can expect at certain stages of pregnancy (such as when morning sickness might abate, when the first fetal movements might happen, etc.)

2. Baby Names (free)

-A free app that has a huge directory of baby names, along with their origins and meanings. A fun app for parents who are looking for the perfect name for their little one!

3. Breastfeeding Friendly Locator (free)

-This app was created by Bravado to help moms find friendly breastfeeding locations. While it’s legal for moms to breastfeed anywhere in Texas, there are some places where moms will feel much more comfortable nursing in public and that’s where this app comes in handy. And, of course, you will find The Motherhood Center on that list! We encourage moms to breastfeed their babies whenever needed!

4. iContraction ($0.99)

-iContraction helps moms time their contractions to help determine when it’s time to go to the hospital. This app can also be useful for moms experiencing early labor so they can better explain to their doctor what is happening. The app includes a graphing feature to show contraction patterns. It also allows users to email data.

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5. Car Seat Helper (free)

-Car Seat Helper is an app created by Phoenix Children’s Hospital in Arizona. It includes information on selecting the proper car seat and has surprising facts about car seats. For example, did you know the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends rear facing until at least age 2? It’s also a great app to keep handy for later to determine when to move baby to a new seat or position.

My top 5 apps for new moms:

1. Baby Connect ($4.99)

-Baby Connect is one of the few paid apps I’ve included on this list, but its many features may make it worth the price tag. Baby Connect can be a lifesaver for new parents, who are trying to keep track of feedings, diaper changes, naps and pumping while functioning on next to no sleep. This app helps moms and dads keep track of all these activities and more.You simply record each action into the app and it keeps track and can even show you the data in graph form. This is particularly useful in the early days when you have to monitor the number of wet and poopy diapers and how many ounces the baby drank or how long the baby nursed.

2. My Baby Today (free)

-My Baby Today offers a daily calendar on baby’s development and offers activities for your baby. This app is powered by Baby Center.

3. Baby Shusher (Free or $4.99 for PRO version)

-Baby Shusher is an app created by a couple in Austin to help calm your baby or help them fall asleep. There is a free version and a pro version that includes more features.

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4. Diptic ($0.99)

-Parents love to take photos of their beautiful babies! Don’t be surprised if your iPhone fills up quickly with picture after picture of your new addition. Diptic is a fun photo app that allows you to create photo collages to share with friends and family. You can use it to show off the baby’s latest achievement or to create a collage of his or her’s first few months!

5. Pandora (free)

-Pandora is essentially your own custom radio station. It’s great for mom and baby! Moms can set up their favorite music or enjoy the toddler station for ages 0-4. This app is really good for travel when you need a variety of music to keep everyone occupied! You will have to create a Pandora account to use this app.

The apps mentioned above are just a few of the many apps available for iPhone. What are your favorites?

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