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Summer is approaching which usually means children are looking forward to attending summer camps based around sports, art, education, and overall general fun. However, this year it will be a bit different due to the uncertainties COVID-19 has caused. Parents are apprehensive about sending their children to camp, and some camps may not be open at all. This poses a dilemma for busy working parents, but luckily, we have a solution for you — summertime nannies.

Summertime nannies provide more than just childcare, they provide enrichment and can help plan activities and outings based around your children’s interests. Nannies also help ensure your children are eating nutritious meals. They can also help with tidying and organization related to the children. Having this assistance lessens the stress on parents, whether they are working from home or going in to work. Feel confident knowing your children are safe and are having fun with a nanny from Motherhood Center.
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