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by: Gabrielle Welch, Welch Wellness
Many of us wonder whether it makes a difference to go organic, and once we decide to do so we wonder how we are going to afford it! Here is a great local resource that makes it possible for us to feed our families the purest of foods…
What is the co-op?!
A co-operative is a community of individuals and families that come together to share in seasonal foods and to work together to create a better balance of peace and harmony for all. It’s for everyone, and it is helped run by everyone. Everyone has the ability to contribute in his own way. The boxes are called “shares” because we buy the food in bulk, and we split it amongst everyone. Because it is seasonal and because it is a co-operative, people will not always receive exactly what they want or in the quantities they want. It is learning to share what’s available and be cooperative. The best joys can come from being creative with the unexpected surprises in your box and can come from sharing the most delicious and healthiest of foods with your friends and family!
Is the produce OrGaNiC??! Is it LoCaL?!?!
EVERYTHING is certified organic, and we try to get as much local produce from local, organic, Texas farmers that we can. If they are not growing enough or in a transition period between seasons, we depend on the distributor to bring us variety. All other produce comes from a local distributor who carries all-organic produce. We get as much local as possible, and what we cannot get locally, we get from a local distributor so that we can still get all-organic all year round and still have a great variety at wholesale cost.
Our co-op is about more than just local—we have 2600 families in the co-op now with a very large group of juicers, vegetarians, vegan, raw foodies, etc. who still appreciate the abundance of variety that they will be going to the grocery store to buy regardless. We try to make it a one-stop shop for all to help save money while still eating organic. The co-op is based on the premise of buying organic produce at wholesale cost to save, to create community, and to support local farmers; please believe me these farmers are like my family now, and I buy from them first when they have enough for us. If you want to get to know our farmers, please visit our farmer’s donation page or our farmer’s blog page!

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Please note that REAL organic food is much different than what you will find in the stores. Sometimes it looks uglier, and sometimes it shines like the sun. Either way, it always has a stronger and more delicious taste! The produce may have dirt on it, but you can easily wash it off. There are also times when you may have some bugs or caterpillars in your food. This is normal! You want your food to be grown in dirt! In the natural world, we are not the only ones who eat fruits and veggies. Nature is there for all to enjoy. Real food may have these elements of surprise. I promise, your food is not infested…this is natural. 😉 Welcome to organic!

Please remember that the more shares that we have that day, the more abundance we will have. We buy as much from local, organic farmers as we can and with what they have available. The more that we buy from them, the more they can produce. The more they produce, the more we can support them. (

There are 2 locations now in Houston:
When and Where is Thursday’s Location?
The address is located at the Nottingham Forest Club
325 Kickerillo Dr.
Houston, TX 77079

When and Where is Tuesday’s Location?
The Houston Arboretum
4501 Woodway Drive
Houston, TX 77024
(It is at the intersection of 610 and Woodway near Memorial Park)

Volunteer hours are from 1-4 PM.
Veggie pick-up time is from 4-7 PM.

So join today and support our local community while taking better care of your family’s health as well!

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