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Labour - breathing exercisesHow a Motherhood Center Labor Doula Can Positively Impact Your Labor and Delivery Experience:

A labor doula’s role includes physical support, emotional support, and to be a resource for you and your partner. She helped me during my labor by being by my side and holding me through the tough contractions. She helped me not be embarrassed during labor. During labor things can get “nasty” and she helped me realize that it is part of labor and that it is okay. Kathy provided us with so much educational information regarding breastfeeding, birthing options baby care, etc… I really liked how informed she was on all aspects of labor and babies. Kathy was my backbone. She was someone I could count on before, during, and after my labor. Kathy did a great job and took a lot of pressure from me. She was great. I would definitely hire her again! Overall, I am so happy that Kathy was my labor doula. Without her, I would not have achieved my birth plan goals.
– V.W. Motherhood Center Labor Doula Client

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