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The New Mom Gift Guide

A baby is already a wonderful gift, but if you have a new mom on your Christmas list, she would probably appreciate a little something else under the tree as well! Here are some gift ideas that will celebrate this new and special season in her life.

Postpartum/New Mommy Massage

Sleeping becomes a challenge during the last stages of pregnancy and unfortunately, it doesn’t get easier after the baby joins the family. Physical exhaustion from labor and birth as well as the multiple night feedings (and daytime feedings!) can really take a toll on a new mom. To help her relax, give her the gift of a postpartum massage. At the Motherhood Center, our experienced and licensed massage therapists know just how to knead the knots out of a mom’s sore body. Once a doctor approves, a postpartum massage can be just the thing to help her relieve stress and fatigue, providing many wonderful benefits for a tired new mom. Purchase a gift card for a massage or help her book an appointment. We are taking COVID precautions, and as an added service for those who would be more comfortable at home, our massage therapists can also make house calls.

Mom and Baby Yoga Class Pass

Between the constant feedings and the general care that newborns require, new moms may not be able to get back to their regular level of physical activity for a while. You can encourage a new mom in her wellness journey by gifting her a class pass for Mom and Baby Yoga at the Motherhood Center. She can bring her baby with her while she gently eases back into a fitness routine! There’s nothing like a good exercise session to boost the mood and the immune system. We offer single class passes, 5-class passes, 10-class passes, and unlimited monthly passes. The Motherhood Center is hosting in-person and live-stream Mommy and Baby Yoga classes. Remember to let your gift recipient know that our fitness class schedule is available online.

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Parenting Class Gift Card

Bringing a new baby home is thrilling and also daunting. New moms have to learn lots of new skills! The Motherhood Center offers classes that address both the skills required to help a baby thrive, and the support new moms need to help them adjust to motherhood. The Growing Together class covers topics like stages of play, sleep, and eating. Moms will get to meet other parents in this live-streamed class who are also eager to learn more about the changes ahead for their bundle of joy.

To help address the challenges of new motherhood, the Motherhood Center also hosts a New Mom Self-Care and Support class that give moms the opportunity to hear from a licensed psychologist, learn some techniques for self-care and the parenting journey, and meet other new moms.

If the new mom on your gift list can use some “me time” for self-care and support, consider giving her a gift card to these or any of our other parenting classes.

Babysitting Resources

Give the gift of time! New moms would love to have coffee on the patio with a friend or dinner alone with their spouse if only they had a reliable babysitter. You can gift them the opportunity to step away from childcare duties by gifting them a gift card for the Motherhood Center’s babysitting services. Our sitters will adhere to your instructions and can watch children, make meals and snacks, and clean up after the kids. When you come home from a lunch date, visiting a friend, or even just a long walk and coffee, you’ll be refreshed and find that your baby was in good hands while you enjoyed some time away.

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Boutique Gifts

Need something to wrap up? How about an Aiden and Anais blanket for the car? They’re useful as baby blanket, nursing cover, covering for a stroller, and even to wipe up spills in an emergency. Give the new mom a stash of these soft, light, and comfortable muslin blankets that she’ll soon grow to depend on! You can find these blankets as well as an array of other gifts available in our Boutique. You can always purchase a gift card to the Boutique for the new mom on your Christmas gift list and let them enjoy browsing our shop for something just right.

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