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by: Gabriela Gerhart, Founder of The Motherhood Center
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(Note: This photo was taken in a parking lot.)
I hear that the first step to change is accepting that which already is. So here goes. Hello, my name is Gabriela, and I text and drive. This is my confession. I am guilty, I have caught myself driving and texting before. The temptation is just so strong!  I know that I am not alone in the feeling of finally getting a chance to text, call, or e-mail away from other people and obligations.

Modern ways of communicating have made it possible for us to be in touch not only when we need to, but when we want to, and probably times when we even shouldn’t. Since the telephone was created in the late 1800’s so many changes have hurdled us forward. Now with the touch of a screen I can check my e-mails, respond to a posting on Facebook, update info on LinkedIn, and text back and forth. All of this I even do while driving! Talk about distracting multitasking!

I feel very strongly about not using your phone in the car when you have people with you; be it a partner, child, or a friend. It puts you and your passengers in immediate danger. My problem is that I text while alone in the car. I should value myself alone just as much as I do when I’m with others. So often the split second you take to glance at your phone turns into a distraction great enough to cause you to miss the oncoming traffic, a pedestrian, or even the lights changing! People have even ignored simple driving rules because they did not have a “free hand” to signal or turn the wheel with because it is glued to their phone. We all pride ourselves on being competent multi-taskers, but while driving is not the time. Just look around at other drivers when you get the chance. It is an epidemic!

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I have personally found myself in these situations.

So why am I STILL texting and driving? I do not want to learn the hard way. I am standing for my personal change! Please stand with me.

Let’s all take the opportunity to be accountable for our actions, please share this message with your friends! As I am making this promise to you to limit or completely stop the use of my phone while driving, I would love for you to do the same. We already have too many distractions in our busy lives, let’s avoid this one! It could be deadly for us as well as others!

Share ways to make your car a “no phone zone” on our Facebook page! Being in the car can be a way for you to have time to your self to sing with your favorite tunes, enjoy a warm Texas breeze coming through the window, and even have quiet time to think to yourself. If you have kiddos, its a great time to play awareness games including finding cars that are particular colors, or finding funny license plates. Be present, even in the car! We look forward to your tricks and tips!

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