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by: Gabriela Gerhart, Founder of The Motherhood Center
We have all heard of daddy’s girls, I find myself to be one as I have always enjoyed spending time with my father. We have always been very close. While growing up, we spent many hours together building tables, fixing bicycles, painting frames, and working in the garden.

My dad is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. He is eager to help others, and loves to do creative work with his hands. I fondly remember my family sitting in the living room watching TV together, enjoying apples or oranges that my father had peeled and sliced to share with us. I do this myself now, and it reminds me of being home. He even let me stay up late and watch detective and cowboy adventure movies with him, when other children were in bed asleep.

My father is one of 6 brothers, himself a twin, and my family is still very close. They all still live in the Czech Republic to this day.

As proof of my dad’s green thumb, I would like to share with you this picture of a beautiful orchid he cultivated. Can you guess how many flowers are on this single plant? Send in your answers on Facebook, there is a surprise for the winner! Winner will be chosen Monday, June 18.

Orchid Plant

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads out there!!

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