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Remembering the Signs

By March 29, 2011November 2nd, 2021No Comments

By: Stephanie Duhon

Nicole and I are now three weeks into our Baby Sign Language class at The Motherhood Center and I am starting to remember many of the signs! The first week, I did really well using the signs while feeding her, but I struggled to remember to use them in other areas of our daily routine. The more I get used to the signs, the less effort they are taking to use in everyday life. At first, for every new sign, I have to think through the sign as I do it and I often lose Nicole’s attention when I take too long! But the more I use a particular sign, even if I don’t use it perfect at first, the easier I’m finding it to incorporate the sign into daily life. Sometimes, I still forget, but I am working on using them as much as possible so that Nicole will understand them and one day really communicate with me! I cannot wait to learn more about what she is thinking and feeling.

I am really enjoying the classes. They are 30 minutes, but Mimi can pack a lot into those 30 minutes and the class is so interactive, it goes by quickly! Mimi starts off each class reviewing some of the main signs, such as “all done,” “more,” “milk” and “ouch” through songs. I love this technique because Nicole LOVES music, so I can sing the songs and do the signs, which has a double benefit … I learn the signs and she’s watching me (also learning!) because the song keeps her attention. This week, we learned a new song, “Alice the Camel.” Most of the songs we’ve done in class, I remember from
childhood, but I have to admit, I had never heard this one before! It was very cute! We also sang “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” “Old McDonald Had a Farm,” “Brown Cow,” and “Baby Bumblebee.”

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Baby Signs Baby Signs 2

One of my favorite aspects of the Baby Sign Language is how Mimi takes the time to ask the parents if there are any signs they’d like to learn based on what activities their children like. She will then show us the sign or one that is equivalent that is in line with what a young child can comprehend. For example, many children in the room have a Sophie the Giraffe teething toy (these are wonderful by the way and are available in The Motherhood Center Retail Store and online store). So, Mimi taught us the sign for giraffe so that our babies can one day tell us if they want that particular toy!

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