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Do you have a New Mommy to Be on your shopping list? Christmas is just over 2 weeks away and we are here to help with last-minute gifts.  Motherhood Center Holiday Gift Guide is sure to help Santa with a few of our favorite items to spoil the mom-to-be in your life. 

For the Mom-to-Be Who Needs a Little Pampering

A Mama Mio Pregnancy Essentials Kit

IMG 2597 - Motherhood Center

This kit comes with four of Mama Mio’s most popular pregnancy items:

  • The Tummy Rub Butter: Omega-rich butter clinically proven to help prevent stretch marks and soothe bellies as they grow.
  • Pregnancy Boob Tube: Designed to soothe and nourish sore boobs during both pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Lucky Legs: A cooling gel designed to calm swollen feet and ankles.
  • Gorgeous Glow Facial Wash: An easy on the skin cleanser designed to soothe hormonal, sensitive skin.

A Prenatal Massage

Give the gift of Massage! We promise it will be her favorite!  Pregnancy comes with lots of aches and pains. Sixty or Ninety minutes spent on the massage table is a welcomed break for a pregnant mama. Our massage therapists specialize in prenatal massage and work with each individual client to create a personalized experience.  

Are you vying for Husband or Dad of the year?  Check out our Massage Packages 

For the Mom-to-Be Who Likes to Move

The gift of prenatal fitness!

IMG 2575 - Motherhood Center

Grab a yoga mat, a maternity / nursing sports bra and & gift certificate for our prenatal yoga & fitness classes. We offer classes at a variety of times throughout the week.  The yoga and fitness classes at Motherhood Center are a great place to meet other soon to be mamas and stay in shape during pregnancy. 

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For the Mom-to-Be Looking for Some Peace of Mind

Our Newborn Care Class

Want to know everything that is needed to prepare for a baby? Topics Include: diapering, bathing, feeding techniques, sleep deprivation, proper hygiene, umbilical cord and circumcision care, calming techniques, bedtime routines and how to help understand a baby’s needs and maintain a good relationship. Sign her up for a group class or make it a little more personal with a private class at the Motherhood Center or in her own home.

Want to go the extra mile? Our Education Pass includes our Newborn Care Class as well as our Prepared Childbirth, Breastfeeding, and CPR classes!  

Gift Her Some Baby Essentials

IMG 2585 - Motherhood Center

IMG 1611 - Motherhood Center

In our newborn care class, she’ll learn all about the different ways to soothe a baby. We have some great items to help!

The Baby Shusher is a great tool to calm a fussy baby. The device mimics the sound of a mother “shhhing” her child and allows for easy, hands-free soothing of a baby. The FridaBaby products help ease a baby’s discomforts and ailments. Some of our favorites are the humidifier, designed to ease breathing, the Breath Easy Kit that provides a solution to booger, snot, and mucus of any kind, and the FridaFever iThermonitor which monitors a baby’s temperature on an ongoing basis. We’ll be happy to share all our baby favorites with you!

For the Mom-to-Be Who Could Use Some Sleep

The Body Pillow and Wedge

We all know sleeping during pregnancy can be tough and with a growing belly, it just gets harder with time.  The good news is that with the right support getting some shut-eye can be easier.  

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IMG 2713 - Motherhood Center


Our wedge pillow is a great option for moms who like to sleep on their back, but can’t during pregnancy.  It props her up at a safe incline and offers just the right balance of firmness and softness. Our body pillow is a great option for mom’s who are looking for a little more comfort when sleeping on their sides. We use both in our prenatal massages!

Still not sure what to get her? We are here to help! Call or stop by the Motherhood Center during normal business hours and we can walk you through all the great options we have for the soon-to-be mom in your life!


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