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Pregnancy is one of my favorite seasons in life. It is during this time that we, as women, truly realize the incredible potential our bodies have. This is the only time that within our skeleton lives two hearts, two brains, two souls. It’s an indescribably special time. You commonly hear about women with glowing skin, abundant joy and perfect hair. Thanks to Mother Nature’s boost in hormones during pregnancy, all of these fabulous perks are true. With the perks, however, come a few discomforts. As our baby is growing in our womb, the body must accommodate to provide a healthy environment. To do so, bones must move, ligaments and muscles must stretch and our center of gravity must change. These new changes frequently lead to pain and discomfort which can be detrimental to our otherwise positive feelings about pregnancy. Women should feel like goddess’s during pregnancy, not laid in bed taking Tylenol every 4 hours with back pain. 

There’s good news! You do not have to have pain during pregnancy!  Some chiropractors have undergone significant training, above and beyond their chiropractic degree, to be certified to care for pregnant women (and even babies). These chiropractors will assess the normal changes during pregnancy and make slight, effective adjustments in the spine and pelvis to support the body in a more optimal and efficient position. When mothers take care of their bodies during pregnancy, including regular chiropractic checkups, they are providing a healthy, strong and balanced foundation for their baby to thrive. When the spine and pelvis are balanced, there is less joint pain, less muscle pain, less nerve pain and an overall sense of improved wellbeing. A balanced pelvis also makes it much easier for your baby to get in the most ideal position for delivery, due to less intrauterine constraint which occurs when bones are misaligned or ligaments are too tight. Allowing baby to have the most room to move around and be in an ideal position gets him or her off to a great start too! Women who enjoy chiropractic care during their pregnancy report that they are able to be more active and exercise regularly because their bodies are efficiently adapting to the changes associated with pregnancy. And bonus! Research shows that when chiropractic care is part of a regular routine, women experience easier and faster labor with better recovery following birth!  Chiropractic care is safe and effective during pregnancy, especially with a chiropractor who has received their certification from the ICPA, or the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. 

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chiropractic doctor - Motherhood CenterDr. Lauren Martin is a chiropractor with significant training and thorough understanding of pregnancy and childbirth. She has received the certification from the ICPA, which is why you’ll notice the letters ‘CACCP’ behind her name. She has started a new, exciting business and is breaking down the 4 walls of a traditional chiropractic office. Dr. Martin is 100% mobile, which means she comes to you! She offers this convenience as a way to better serve pregnant moms, families and children and their busy schedules! No more traffic or waiting rooms, no more packing up the family to get to an appointment! You’ll receive premium care in the comfort of your own home and enjoy a longer appointment than is typically available in a traditional practice. Enjoy increasing your health, with minimal hassle!

Lauren Martin, DC CACCP

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