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New Mommy Massage

Written by Mary Bratcher, The Motherhood Center










Postpartum care is an important part of the birthing process. In our culture it is often unfortunately overlooked, but when people refer to “the childbearing year” 9 months is pregnancy and the other 3 months are for healing, being honored, and enjoying your new family.
After birth it is important to make postnatal massage part of your recovery plan. Regardless of the type of birth you experienced ( vaginal. cesarean birth, vbac etc), a woman’s body must still undergo structural realignment. Post natal massage provides this as well as working to restore muscle tone in the abdomen and firm pressure to reposition the pelvis. Taking the time for postnatal massage will allow you to function your best while caring for yourself and your baby.


Other benefits include, but are not limited to:
  • relieves muscle tension and hastens bodily recovery
  • encourages pelvic and abdominal organs to return to pre-pregnancy positioning
  • Increases energy levels and reduces fatigue
  • aids the Uterus in returning to normal size
  • provides time alone and emotional support
  • relieves shoulder, neck, and arm tension for mother’s who are breastfeeding
Motherhood Center makes it easy for you to include postnatal massage as part of your “4th” trimester recovery period, and also offers other helpful services such as baby nurses/postpartum doulas, mom and baby yoga, lactation consultations, new mom support group and postpartum support products. Often a mother must take it upon herself to ensure she receives the emotional and physical support she will need following their pregnancy. Motherhood Center has representatives that are happy to help you set up a plan for support after your baby arrives, to keep you and your family happy and healthy.
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