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Houston Woman Magazine recently published a wonderful feature article, written by Deborah Quinn Hensel, highlighting the Motherhood Center and our special lady, Gabriela Gerhart.  We couldn’t be more delighted to share our non-judgmental philosophy and celebrate our 10 year anniversary with the readers of Houston Woman Magazine.  

Below the image is a transcription of the article:

The Motherhood Center



Motherhood Center marks a decade of caring support

By Deborah Quinn Hensel

Since she opened The Motherhood Center in Houston 10 years ago, Gabriela Gerhart estimates she and her staff have helped more than 12,000 new mothers, babies, siblings, fathers and grandparents across the greater Houston area.

Gerhart, a former pediatric nurse, post-partum doula and au pair from the Czech Republic, conceived of the idea for this unique service when she realized new mothers needed more help after taking their babies home.

“What are we supposed to do now?  Who are we going to go to for help?” she would often hear.  So, she developed a place where mothers – and extended families – could go for answers to their many questions about living with a newborn.  The Motherhood Center started with just a few pregnancy and postpartum classes and grew rapidly from there.

Today, the Motherhood Center has gone through two expansions to offer comprehensive support for mothers and their families.  With many diverse services provided under one roof and in clients’ homes, Gerhart said it’s the only resource of its kind in the world.  The center’s new tagline is “from pregnancy to parenting,” and Gerhart and her staff strive to live up to it.

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The center provides classes in breastfeeding and newborn care, labor doulas, pre-and post-natal massages, sleep coaches, and referrals for nannies and babysitters.  A photography studio helps capture important first baby portraits and family photos.  Even the yoga and fitness classes cover all the bases, from mom-and-baby yoga to a prenatal boot camp.

For babies and children from six months to six years, there are many educational offerings, such as baby sign language, music, dance, art, toddler yoga, cooking lessons, Montessori classes, “Alphabooks” and “Watch Me Grow” groups.

Gerhart said her focus and that of her staff is non-judgmental support, which women need at such an intense, emotionally charged time.

“We have clients with all different kinds of philosophies and ways of parenting, different birthing techniques and methods,” she said.  “They all feel very comfortable here at the Motherhood Center.”

The Motherhood Center celebrates a decade of service in May with a variety of family-centric events, including a Girls’ Night Out and Walk of Hope on May 18 to raise awareness for infertility support and advocacy.

Deborah Quinn Hensel is a freelance journalist and staff reporter for Houston Woman Magazine. 

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