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The purpose of this discussion is to open up a dialogue about the mental health concerns mothers face pre/post-pregnancy. About 6 million women get pregnant every year and 10% of those women take psychiatric medications. Of all pregnant women, approximately 15% have psychiatric problems, in particular depression and anxiety. Today we want to explore ways women can optimize their journey through motherhood.

Gabriela is recognized as an expert in the field of pregnancy and early-stage child development. She has intimate knowledge of the childcare/newborn care industry as well as massage, yoga, and pregnancy education. She is the founder of the Motherhood Center in Houston, Texas, and the author of “After the Fall.”

Dr. Swatzyna is a certified brain injury specialist, board certified in Neurotherapy, and biofeedback. Currently, he is the Director and Chief Scientist of Neurophysiology Research at Houston Neuroscience Brain Center and the Founder of Clinical NeuroAnalytics, LLC.

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