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by: Mary Bratcher, Baby Planner

We are proud to announce the arrival of the ITZBEEN Pocket Nanny! This all in one timer is a must have for new parents and especially parents of twins. The timer clips to your clothing and stands upright without assistance. There are timers for Diapering, Feeding, sleeping, and a free button for anything else you would like to time ( medicine etc.). If you are Breastfeeding there is a click button to remind you of left or right breast. It also has a nightlight, as well as a button lock so that you don’t accidentally reset the timer in a sleepy state.

The first weeks with baby are precious and the ITZBEEN makes everything calmer and easier. For parents of twins, they are indispensable. We carry the ITZBEEN in two colors as well, so telling the timers apart is a breeze. Make life easier and enjoy everyday moments with ease.

Come by our store and pick one up for $24.99, or shop online at and we can ship it to you!
Also, the ITZBEEN makes a great registry item! Come in and let one of our experienced Baby Planners help you set up your registry, not only with products, but also our one of a kind Motherhood Center Services. Give us a call at 713-963-8880.

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