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Myths of Using an Agency

Top 4 Reasons to Use Motherhood Center for your Nanny Career

The nanny profession is one that has evolved over many years and is continuing to evolve. There are many different types of nannies—part-time, full-time, summertime, and night nannies, to name a few. No matter what shift they work, career nannies are expected to perform a similar role to a stay-at-home parent, ensuring children are bathed, dressed, fed meals and snacks, get playtime, have learning stimulated from activities like reading or singing or crafts. Nannies may also take children to appointments and perform light housekeeping throughout the day.

Many nannies start with their families when the children are very young and stay with them for years until they are no longer needed, or until their role evolves into a family assistant position. At this stage, they still help to care for the needs of the children, but also help to assist with the needs of the whole family since the children are more self-sufficient and in school. Family assistants may help run errands, schedule appointments, plan events, perform administrative tasks, and more.

But how do nannies find the right family to work for? The Motherhood Center has decades of experience placing nannies with families who are a great fit for their skill set, and we offer continuing support and education to ensure our nannies know what to expect.

How to find a family to work with as a nanny

There are a number of ways for a career nanny to find a family to work with. There are websites that nannies can join to search for a family and for families to search for them, but these websites will sometimes ask for a fee to boost a specific nanny’s profile so it will be seen before others. There are also various online groups or communities that nannies can join where families post their positions, and there are agencies that nannies can work with to help them find a family. There are fewer resources for a family assistant to search for a family to work with, which is why we are excited to now offer this service within Motherhood Center.

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There are a lot of myths and assumptions made about working with an agency by some family assistants and nannies, and because of this, they choose to find a family on their own. Of course, every family assistant and nanny will have their own reasons and preferences for the route they choose to find a family to work for, but it’s important that they have all the factual information behind each option available to them when making the decision of which avenue to take.

At Motherhood Center, we value career nannies as much as we value the families we serve. Our founder, Gabriela Gerhart, began her career as a pediatric nurse and baby doula, so she understands the challenges and rewards of being a caregiver firsthand. She personally vets our nanny candidates because she knows exactly what it takes to be successful in meeting a family’s needs while having a fulfilling career.

Benefits of using Motherhood Center for your nanny career

There are numerous benefits of working with our Motherhood Center Nanny & Family Staffing, which we’re listing to help you understand why we’re an excellent choice for your career.

1)      Nannies and family assistants do not have to pay any fees to work with Motherhood Center, and their pay is not affected.

Many nannies and family assistants assume they have to pay an agency to work with them or that they will earn less due to the agency taking a percentage of what they earn. This is not true! Working with our Motherhood Center is completely free.

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2)      Motherhood Center acts as an advocate not just for our families, but also for our nannies and family assistants.

Many nannies and family assistants are not aware of the legal requirements associated with working in their profession. For example, nannies are considered household employees, should be paid an hourly wage, and are entitled to overtime pay. Nannies are also entitled to be reimbursed for mileage at the standard IRS rate if they are driving their own vehicles, and taxes should be taken out of their paychecks.

Myths of Using an Agency

We go over these requirements with our families so our nannies don’t have to worry about whether their family is following the correct guidelines. We do the same for our family assistants, who may work as either hourly or salaried, ensuring our families know their options and compensate our family assistants appropriately.

3)      Motherhood Center acts as a supportive resource and guide for our family assistants and nannies.

We are always here for our nannies and family assistants to answer any questions they may have. There are no questions too big or too small, whether they be related to pay, what is acceptable to be asked of them, what is appropriate for them to expect of their family or any other issue. We are here to answer those questions and provide support. With our years of experience, we enjoy being able to offer support and guidance as our nannies and family assistants are searching for a family to work with—and even beyond.

We also offer our Professional Nanny School, with a different courses that cover many aspects of the nanny and family assistant profession, including child safety, hygiene, nutrition, development, and even topics such as how to interview, what to expect when traveling, questions to consider asking a potential family, and more. We offer an in-person or live-stream course that also includes hands-on demonstrations and practice. Our Professional Nanny School is open to all nannies and family assistants, not just the ones who choose to work with us, and is great for nannies and family assistants who are just starting out as well as continuing education for the experienced nanny and family assistant.

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4)      We build lasting relationships with our nannies and family assistants.

At Motherhood Center, we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our nannies and family assistants. We always check in with them to make sure they are enjoying working with their new family, and many of our nannies and family assistants keep in touch beyond that. Some even drop by the center to check in and say hello.

We truly enjoy being able to match our amazing nannies and family assistants with our wonderful families, and because we have mastered the process, many of our nannies and family assistants return to us once their contracts have ended and they are ready to start searching for a new family. We love it when they return to us and we have another chance to help them find their next Motherhood Center family to work with. We feel very lucky to have so many kind and loving families searching for nannies and family assistants within our department.

Now you know the Myths of Using an Agency.

If you are a nanny or family assistant looking for your next family to work with, please fill out our online application. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our recruitment specialists at (713) 963-8880 Ext. 103.


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