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We love the community we have built at Motherhood Center over the past 19 years. Not only do we provide a place for support, education, fitness, and massage, we also offer a place where mom friendships are built and last a lifetime. Motherhood is all about community, and we have noticed so many of our pregnant moms and new moms gather to visit after a yoga class or a pregnancy education class. After all, they have one very important thing in common, they are either pregnant or they have recently had a baby!

Mom Friendships

But, it’s about so much more than just a chat. The clients in our Mom’s Talk support group lean on each other, go to lunch together, and their children will often attend the same schools and have play dates together as they get older. Motherhood Center offers these women the opportunity to bond in ways that last a lifetime.

We have women who met at Motherhood Center who became best friends, and over the years, so did their children. Attending birthday parties, family gatherings, traveling together, and offering a helping hand and support to each other through the years. They are now celebrating graduations and discussing dorm room essentials for their older children!

Friends enrich every stage of our lives, but mom friendships can help keep you sane.

“After you have a child, your life seems to revolve around your kitchen and bathtub. Just getting a meal on the table can be a big deal.” Susanna Sonnenberg, author of She Matters: A Life in Friendships.

In fact, there have been studies that show how important friendships are to our mental as well as our physical health. For instance, UCLA researchers have found that in times of stress women don’t simply opt for “fight or flight,” instead, they lean heavily on social support from friends.

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Pregnant Mom Friendships

Unfortunately, though, nurturing the friendships you have and making new friends can seem like more of a challenge now than ever. That’s what makes the mom friendships you find at Motherhood Center so great. Whether you’re a brand-new mom or life has thrown you into a different neighborhood or situation, you can get support and learn from the way other mothers have tackled these common hurdles.

Some of our moms have said that joining one of our moms groups or meeting other new moms at our Mommy and Baby Yoga have kept them from losing their minds. These new friends have allowed them to enjoy themselves socially with nights out on the town and lunches or coffee. Also, for those moms that do attend the same classes on a regular basis, it affords them the opportunity to chat, connect, and hang out with like-minded moms.

The bottom line is that getting together and having friends is an emotional necessity. And, Moms get it. They get the sleepless nights. They get the picky eaters. They get the 35 minutes it takes between the request to put shoes on and the shoes actually being put on. They get the whining, the fighting, the sticky chair backs, and the spaghetti hair, and the baby that won’t latch on. They get it so well that mom friends are even able to read your mood and respond appropriately to your vent sessions. They know whether to reply with advice, empathy, or by showing up at your door with cookies and wine.

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And, we all need friends that don’t judge us. After all, fellow moms are also living in the world of dirty diapers, bath haters, and toddler tantrums, and they know that your decisions are the best that you can make for the tiny human in your life. They’ve been there and done that and they are there to sympathize and share a glass of vino long before they toss out advice and give you the eyebrow of judgement.

If you haven’t come to Motherhood Center for an educational class, a massage, or a yoga class, come visit us for the mom friendships you are going to make!

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