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By: Mary Bratcher, Baby Planner and Director of Retail

Are you nervous about the transition into motherhood? Are the only babies you have interacted with been in the grocery store and on TV? Do you have a natural confidence with babies and hope one day to share your expertise? Are you having moody, in depth, one sided conversations about binkies with your three month old, wondering, “Where are other adults I can talk to, not only about binkies, but about a variety of topics”? You are not alone, in fact there are many other women feeling just like you, and I’ll tell you where they are…in new moms groups!

A few weeks after birth or even as an expectant mother, it can be very advantageous for you to attend a local group for new moms. These are opportunities for moms to meet and relate over similar experiences; in addition to other benefits. What begins as an excuse to just get out of the house can become a valuable time to form friendships and learn about how other moms are transitioning into their new roles.

First off, new mom’s groups are a great opportunity to get out and about, but still chill in a baby safe area. A great group facility has access to mats, cushions, blankets, and age appropriate toys or learning tools that you can use for you and your baby’s comfort. In an area that is conducive to comfort you find you can relax and really engage in conversation with other women. With all of your babies feeding, chatting, or chilling; the environment is great for a worry free group dynamic. If your baby chooses to fuss, cry or feed have no fear! These are all regular happenings in a moms group!

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In a great environment like this it is easy to not only connect with other moms with children of a similar age to your own, but to also network with them about referrals and other resources. Find out from the pros, (moms with first hand experience) about everything from products to pediatricians. Since new mom groups are a good mix of women with babies at different stages you will find women with babies a few steps ahead in age and you can ask those questions about how they have handled different challenges.

You can also be the mom that helps women with babies newer than your own. You can offer the experiential knowledge that leads to success, and so many women are looking for this.

One of the best reasons to go is to receive confirmation about the universality of new baby challenges that affect all moms. Is your baby peeing on people during diaper changes? Is Blaire’s teething keeping the whole family up? Is Travis becoming a self proclaimed nudist around friends and family? All mothers tackle these difficulties and quirks of new children. A moms group is a great place to vent frustration to a listening and empathetic ear. Not to mention, a great place to find innovative mom tested solutions.

Being around other moms helps us to remember we are not alone. The challenges we face as new parents transform into loving opportunities for us to shower our babies with affection and even experience growth and maturation as adults. It is unanimous that there is indeed no manual to becoming a mom, so why not learn techniques that have been tried and proven from those around you?

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Meeting new moms can even lead to…I’m going to go ahead and say it…girl time! Many moms that meet in groups will form relationships whose bonds grow even outside of their meeting time. Having the time to relax or be active with other women is imperative to balancing personal and family life. Making time for yourself and new friends is just as important as cultivating your new family.

Also, your new friends with babies can hang with your family leading to a solid building of community. Your baby will find new friends as well that will grow along with them. As you transition to pregnancy and then to new mom it is only natural that your friend base grows and changes. There is no better place to find these new connections than in your new moms group!

As an expectant mother you can also glean great benefits from a group of this type. You can hear about other women’s birth experiences, and how they transitioned from pregnancy to brand new mother. Also, you can hear about early infant experiences and be better prepared for what is ahead in your baby’s development. It’s never too early to begin your support network!

Please take time to check out the options for new mom groups here in Houston. There are even specific options for International moms, Working Moms, Moms facing Postpartum Depression, and Moms of babies with special needs, just to name a few. Also, branch out of your specific zone and join an all encompassing group to gain perspectives you may not have otherwise.

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Most of all, HAVE FUN! Having a new addition to the family is a time of celebration as is your entire life. Kick up your heels, strap the baby in the car seat, and make a leap to form connections that will not only keep you sane, but help you to add more knowledge and enjoyment to your new mom experience.

If you would like to experience a great new moms group, please visit us at The Motherhood Center 3701 West Alabama, Suite 230, Houston Texas 77027. We have mom meetup groups on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:30a.m. to 12:30p.m. right after Mom and Baby Yoga!

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