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by: Mary Bratcher, Retail Manager
Have you made your holiday list? Well, now is the time to check it twice and be sure you have picked up the Motherhood Center best sellers!

First, grab your pen and be sure that the Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator is on your list. Not only is it an essential part of baby’s care regimen, but it will come in handy, especially in January and February. You know how winter doesn’t officially begin in Houston until January, and when winter begins so do runny noses. Getting a regular “bulb” aspirator would be like getting coal in your stocking!

Second, be sure to check that Milk Screen is on the list for all breastfeeding Mamas. New Years is around the corner, and every Mama should be able to have a drink to usher it in without worrying about giving their baby a “drink” too. Milk Screen is made by our friends in Austin and provides a way for Moms to test for alcohol in breast milk so that you do not waste what could be used, or use what should be tossed. Plus they are available in packs of 8 or 20 and fit conveniently into a stocking!

Third, for the new walker, up to toddler on your list be sure they have high energy gifts under the tree. It will help them work off Christmas candy energy, so that they can dream of sugarplums later that evening. They can bounce away on Rody, the wildly popular latex free bouncy horse from Italy!  He is inflated for bouncy fun and can be further inflated as your child grows, holding up to 400 lbs! Or, come by the center and we can build you a Radio Flyer Walker Wagon or Trike. They make a great heirloom gift and do not require any wrapping, they are beautiful under the tree all by themselves.

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Fourth, RELAX. With all of your shopping done, indulge in a massage here at the center or take some Yoga classes to bring yourself back to center. We offer Gift Certificates for these relaxing activities as well!

Thanks for shopping at The Motherhood Center and have a great holiday season!

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