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Postpartum Doula

Labor or Postpartum Doula? What’s the Difference in 2022

The moments of pregnancy and birth are so special for the mother, baby, and the entire family.  Everyone gets involved in the joy and excitement of expecting a new baby.  Unfortunately, it’s very easy in all of the excitement of waiting for the baby to come, to forget how much work it is and just how exhausting it can be those first few days after the baby is born!

In many cultures, women stay indoors and are expected to do nothing in the few weeks after having a baby, and they have plenty of helpers who come over and do their chores, take care of the other children and the house, and give the new mom a much-needed rest.  However, in our culture, most people don’t have the time to drop everything and help the new mom!

Many new mothers are surprised, not only at how difficult it is to care for a baby directly after giving birth but also at how their well-meaning loved ones don’t really know how to help them. Add to that the high expectations of modern-day mothers and it’s no wonder that so many new mothers are exhausted trying to keep up with it all and missing out on important moments with their baby.

A postpartum or labor doula can help you with this.  After you have your baby, your baby doula will come to your home and take care of all of the little things while you relax and bond with your baby.

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Your labor doula can be your baby nurse, your light-duty housekeeper, and your breastfeeding support – offering all of the help that you need in those tender days after giving birth.  Because she isn’t there with a desire to see the baby, but rather to serve you, she’s the ideal baby nurse.

Unlike your family helpers, she’ll take the baby when he needs a diaper change and then let you hold him when he’s sleeping sweetly – most visitors will do the opposite… handing the baby back to you when he cries or needs a change!  This is why having a labor doula for postpartum support is the perfect option.

Additionally, unlike most family helpers, a baby doula is trained and knowledgeable about the latest and best baby care techniques and she will leave you feeling empowered and well-prepared to care for your baby with the wisdom she shares.

A lack of social support has been linked to higher incidences of post-partum depression, which is an undesirable and difficult condition for the mother, baby or the entire family.  Invest in the health and happiness of your family by hiring a labor doula for your postpartum care.

Not sure where to begin? Give us a call. We’d love to help you.

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